Monday: Finding Me Some Hockey

Hey reader of all kinds,

A new week, of course means there's new voting. First off is the BK contest voting phase, its running until Saturday. Also this weeks COTW Nominees are out, and Kyle C. owns 3 of the 4 available slots after a fantastic week with some really good concepts, but Keens has a really sweet Wild concept, voting goes until Thursday.

                                  BK COMP Top 5 vote (ends Saturday @ 11:59pm EST)

COTW Sept 17-23 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

8 days into the lock-out now, and theres not real news, minus all the players going to Europe and if your in Europe, lucky you. I'd just say lets all follow the AHL this year, but not everyone has an AHL team in their backyard, unless your in the GTA or Chicago or Hartford and somewhere like that, so if you can get to an AHL game this year, I'd say do it for sure because its a lot cheaper, especially in Toronto.

The PEI Rockets have a new name, the Islanders. The name will be used next season but I'm kind of confused with the name. Is it going to be P.E.I. Islanders, then its Prince Edward Island Islanders, that seems to redundant. But the other option would the Prince Edawrd Islander, but then the short for would be P.E.Iers. I give up, shoulda gone with Spuds, I just hope they don't copy and paste the Islanders look.
Also , if you are a jersey collector and have $700 to spend, why not get a Temmu Selanee "Wild Wing jersey.

On to the concepts
Cincinnati Bengals Concept (By: Randall A.)
This is a pretty creative idea here and it overall works. The tiger stripes and shadowed numbers give it a Bengals look, and I'm glad the tiger head logo was used on the from and B as a shoulder patch, but the B has not outline so the stripes blend into the yoke. Other than that, the execution is great and its a unique concept. (8/10)
Oregon Ducks Concept (By: Stephen T.)
It captures the Ducks football look well. I like that the Swift template was used here because I like the two side yokes with the wings in them. A very simple hem stripe would make these jerseys look less like practice jerseys, if they all looked like the black one these would be great, but I still like these concepts. (7.5/10)
Minnesota Twins Concept (By: Matt D.)

The Twins are a unique team, and this jersey capitalizes on it. Anything with the Winnipeg Jets striping is an automatic good in my books, but the colours are all put in a way that they all reflect off of each other and work well together, but then again, red, white and blue, almost always look good. The TC (Twin Cities) shoulder patch is cool, and I'm okay with the script logo as the Twins are a script based team. (8/10)

New York Yankees Concept (By: Matt D.)

I'm personally not a Yankee hater, I think they're okay, but nothing to write home about, I'm more a Red Sox hater, so this concept looks quite good to be. I really like the pinstripes, seeing it like this makes me think its something that can be used in hockey. Using the NY logo was best for the front, but the hat logo I like would have been a good shoulder patch. My only problem is the socks. They should be navy blue to match the socks on the uniform, but still, its cool to see this classic, timeless look as a hockey jersey, proving it works in almost any medium of jersey. (8/10)

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Dmitri G.)

The home and the road are what a lot of people thought the Jets would look like and I like the look, but not as much as their current look, I'd use double blue instead of red and blue. I also know I'm in the minority of this, but I don't like the light blue alternate, its okay, but, I feel like the Jets should be a more modern team, as they are the most modern team in the NHL right now..technically, so they should be progressive with their looks, again in the minority on it, but its execution on these is excellent and the effort on these concepts really shows, so I can see why a lot of people would love these. (8/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: Tyler G.)

Again, this is another look that other people will like, but I'm not a fan of it. I feel the Pens should be a Black, Gold and White team, the 2008 Winter Classic jersey was okay, I liked it, but this jersey, it was not for me. It looked very too stripy and some people may like it. I do think, however, the jersey looks okay in white, its odd, but its passable. There is definite effort in these concepts, just like the ones above, and the layout really shows the jerseys off well. (8.5/10)

L.A. Kings Concept (By: Steven G.)

Its surprising how just simply changing the colour scheme of a jersey changes it from being weird and weak to threatening and awesome. The gradient is excellent, I like how dark this jersey is, and the king in grey looks rather threatening, also..it looks like an NHL caliber jersey, not like the original which simply looked like an AHL one night jersey. I think the Kings could, ne should use this jersey at least once, or at least the king logo on a jersey. (9.5/10) COTW Nom. from me!
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Kevin W. said...

Hooray, someone used my Nike sock design!

Tyler Gross said...

Dmitri G. for COTW

Samwise Grungee said...

Steven G. for concept of the week!!! I love that jersey!

Alan John Herbert said...

Dmitri G. for COTW

@Jets96: you spelled "Price" it's Prince just to let you know O.K.

Ryan said...

Dmitri gets a COTW nom from me!

winnipegjets96 said...

sorry alan, my bad

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