Late Tuesday Post (SORRY!!!)

Hey everybody, sorry for the late Tuesday post. I had a technical issue with my laptop. My charger cord for my laptop decided to die today so I had no way to log on til I went and bought a 70 dollar cord... (ugh Macs) I hope you all forgive me!

Anyway, today is the day NHL 13 came out and once this post is up... I will be secluded from the outside world for awhile. From what I'm told, my Sarnia Sting Third jersey didn't make it into the game, despite the team wearing the jerseys for about 13 games this year.

Voting reminders!!!

August-COTY vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTW Spet 3-9 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)

San Jose Sharks Concept (Stephen T.)
A few minor tweaks to the jerseys. I would prefer either a black yoke or none at all on the teal jersey. White just looks funny. The alternate is ok, it's more interesting than what they use now, but it's too "Reebok-y" for my taste. 7/10

Portland Cadets Concept (Chuckie)
These are pretty good. I like the striping. It's unique. I could do without the yellow nameplates on the jerseys. The red and blue on the home jersey are clashing and make it difficult to see the blue. Maybe mute one of the colors or add some trim to add contrast. I like the idea of the third jersey. Only thing really holding this back is the logo. At the bottom of the page, it says the logos are from Chris Creamer, but I'm not buying it. The logo lacks a professional touch but work on your skills and they'll improve. 6/10

Rome Gladiators Concept (Chuckie)
I can't see where this logo came from. I couldn't find anything on it, and I can't tell what it says at the bottom of the concept. Outside of that I really like these jerseys. I like the color scheme a lot! and the double arm striping is awesome. 8/10

Syracuse Orange Concept (Dmetri G.)
Wow, these are great. I love blue and orange together. Only thing I'd wanna see is the yoke stripes on the orange jersey changed to match the other jerseys. (blue,white,blue) I love the yoke stripes. Seems to be catching on. COTW NOM!!! 9/10

Minnesota Wild Concept (Jeremy T.)
Pretty basic concept here. Nothing groundbreaking, but that's what Minnesota should look like. They need to look old school and this jersey does that well.  No big flaws here. Maybe make the TV numbers a tad bigger and make the name on the back a little thicker. Great job! 8/10

Oakland A's Hockey Concept (Matt Dever)
Matt continues his MLB series with a few more concepts today. First up, is Oakland, personally my second (or third, I don't know) favorite team. I like that he went with yellow, because their current yellow jersey looks so nice, but I think I would have gone with primarily green. I wish the striping was a bit thicker, but being a baseball concept I guess thin stripes work here. No pants stripe on the player model. 7/10

St. Louis Cardinals Hockey Concept (Matt Dever)
As a Cubs fan, I HATE the Cardinals....Hate hate hate... But I won't be biased for the sake of Matt. Quite honestly, I like the jersey. I'm a big fan of double striping, I feel like the colored cuffs aren't needed. On the player model, you're missing the pants stripe. 8/10

Toronto Blue Jays Hockey Concept (Matt Dever)
The Blue Jays! My third (or second, I don't know) favorite team! Last winter, the Jays went through a rebranding and brought back and modernized a classic look, and now, IMO, are the best dressed team in baseball. I love how true to their jerseys this is. the striping and the numbers.I'd be curious to see what this looks like with the logo bigger and the wordmark gone. Matt, this is a great series, but one thing, I wish the photoshop manipulation of the player model was a bit more clean. 9/10

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Anonymous said...

Actually I drew both logos. I did one without sketches (Portland) and the other with.


winnipegjets96 said...

Chcukie's Rome concept for COTW.

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