Sunday: Fave Five

      Hey guys, this is Thallos with a guest post about my five favorite jerseys in the NHL today. To start things off, I've been guilty of being a fan of a lot of the original Reebok EDGE designs that debut during the 2007-08 as part of an entire NHL redesign. Some include the original Philadelphia Flyers jerseys, the New York Islanders jerseys and yes, even the Nashville Predators' old silver and navy threads. As some of you may or may not have noticed, I'm certainly a fan of unique designs; however don't let that fool you. Many teams have gone on to design some classic and traditional looks that are impossible not to like. With that said, let's explore some of the designs that stand out in my mind in today's NHL.

5. Buffalo Sabres Home Jersey

I like everything about the new Buffalo Sabres' identity. Getting away from the era of the Buffaslug, the Sabres have done a nice job of incorporating the new with the old. It was a no-brainer that the 'buffalo-sword' logo had to make a comeback. Buffalo's most glorious days were headed with that same logo. They updated the color scheme to be more dark with a vibrant and contrasting yellow that I'm certainly a fan of. Many people can't stand the piping and the silver pits, but I do not think they make much of a difference and aren't noticeable from the stands anyways.

4.  Edmonton Oilers Home Jersey

Edmonton is another team that have redesigned their uniforms since the Reebok EDGE transition. With this contemporary throwback, the colors pop and the heritage of the glory days of Gretzky and Messier resonate with these uniforms. Their previous navy-copper-red jerseys instantly received hatred for its 'Bettman stripes' and the seemingly odd incomplete arm stripes. Edmonton has gone away with that and brought in these beauties. Everything about these are great. Nothing over the top, but it's the only direction that makes sense and it was executed flawlessly.

3. New York Rangers Away Jersey


Two words: simply classic. The New York Rangers were part of the few that received essentially no change whatsoever during the EDGE transition and for good reason. The Rangers' look is simply iconic, especially their away jerseys. It would be a sin to change these one way or another or to replace these. From the unique shoulder design to the iconic red pants, the New York Rangers' away jersey is simply amazing.

2. Minnesota Wild Away Jersey

I'm one of the few who defiantly believe that Minnesota should exclusively go back to their original jerseys when the team first debut in 2000. Everything about those jerseys were amazing. It was a look that exhibited how an expansion team could come up with a defining look without going too overboard. With one of the best logos in the NHL, possibly in all of sports, the design of the away jersey flows well with the Wild identity. To this day, Minnesota is moving away from their initial design and personally I think it's a terrible mistake. I'll go ahead and say that these are modern classics and I hope they stay around for another 10 years.

1. Ottawa Senators Heritage Jersey

It goes without saying that Ottawa's heritage jersey is the best approach to paying homage to the original Silver Six Senator's era without making it look too out of date. The barberpole look was a prominent and distinguishable look that the Senators had in the early 1900s. It was known that the Senators wanted to go back to the days of the barberpole without actually using barberpole. The design we have today is bold, simple, iconic and effective. It resonates with many Ottawa fans as the new era of the Senators; a look of success, the look of things to come. From the bilingual shoulder patches, to the traditional O crest, this jersey is nothing short of perfect.
Sunday: Fave Five Reviewed by Thallos on August 12, 2012 Rating: 5


Steven Grant said...

Good post Thallos. I'm glad someone included the Wild road jersey in their top 5, it was very close to being in my top 5.

DCamp said...

@Thallos: I completely agree with your choice for #1. If the Sens came out with a matching white/wheat version, they would instantly have the best home/road set in the league. Everytime I open my closet and see it hanging there, I think, what a beauty!

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