Last of the Stars Entries

Here are the last of the Dallas Stars Rebrand Entries 

Stars entry (by Alan)
Stars entry (by Brandon S.)
Stars entry (by Brian B.)
Stars entry (by Caz)
Stars entry (by Colin)
Stars entry (by Fabio)
Stars entry (by J3)
Stars entry (by John T.)
Stars entry (by Keens)
Stars entry (by Mason H.)
Stars entry (by Matt D.)
Stars entry (by Mike S.)
Stars entry (by NB14)
Stars entry (by Steven G.)
Stars entry (by Thallos)
Stars entry (by Tristan)


Stars entry (by Anthony C.)

Last of the Stars Entries Reviewed by Ryan on August 19, 2012 Rating: 5


Brandon said...

Feels good to finally see one of my concepts posted again! I expect voting to be close this comp.

Anthony C. (CaliSel78) said...

@ Ryan i thought the deadline was at 11:59pm sunday. Did you get my entry???

Ryan said...

Yes. Haven't had time to post it yet.

David Kerr said...

Is it just me or does Brandon S.'s use the current color scheme?

Ryan said...

No. His is blue and green

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