Friday: Winners, Winners. Chicken Dinners!

The winners of the July-COTY vote are Colin and Justin C. with their Vancouver Canucks collaboration! You can see the winning concept on the COTY 2012 page. The results of the vote are below.
Colin & Justin - 7
Brian B. #1 - 2
Brian B. #2 - 2
Justin C. - 0

The winner of the COTW vote for July 30 - August 5 is Justin C! You can see this winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Here are the results of that vote.
Justin C. - 7
Ryan (HJC) - 3
Thallos - 1

Don;t even think that the voting is done with for the week. The Florida Panthers 3rd Jersey Comp Top 5 vote continues until the end of Sunday.
FLA comp Top 5 vote (ends Sunday @ 11:59pm EST)


The guest posters will continue this weekend. You can read Thomas L's post on Saturday at noon Eastern time and then you can read Steven G's post at 6pm, also Eastern time. On Sunday, Thallos will take a shot at a HJC post and that can be read at noon.


South Carolina Stingrays concepts (by MasonII)
Mason goes with a really basic and classic style jersey for the Stingrays. I'd usually be on board with this decision, and not that these look bad at all, but they currently have some very nice looking sweaters. Still, Mason's execution here is terrific. 8/10

Omaha Ducks concepts (by Chuckie)
What I like about this concept is the idea of moving the Ducks' farm team closer to California. I also like the orange alternate jersey. What I don't like is the use of Oregon's old Donald Duck logo. Perhaps a logo with the initials "O.D.", like the shoulder patch on Anaheim's pre-Edge alternates, would be better. 6/10

Peoria Rivermen concept (by Mike S.)
The comments I made on yesterday's concept stand true for this one too. I think the R primary logo would work even better if the chest stripes behind it were the same as the arm OR hem stripes. 6/10

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by Stephen T.)
The home and road concepts have some potential, but I would like to see the hem stripe design somewhere on the arms as well. The hem stripes also appear to be way too high up. Take a look at a pic of a game used jersey and you'll see where hem stripes are typically located. The alternate jersey is just too much of a cluster of colours for me to like it. The sock has more potential. 6/10

Charlotte Checkers concepts (by Cody)
I like the old colours that Cody has used. The jersey is decent as well, though I would like to see more of a tie-in to the Hurricanes than just the numbers. A shoulder patch or the hurricane flag stripes could be good. This could be Cody's best executed concept to date. I would only suggest to colour inside the collar of the blue jersey as it should appear blue as well. 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by WinnipegJets96)
I can see that this one has some potential, but the really old logo isn't working with the new shoulder patch in my opinion. I do like that shoulder patch on the arm stripes though. A cool project would be to come up with what that secondary logo would look like if it had been designed in the 1930's. I also think that a black helmet would be better than a red one. 6/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by MasonII)
All of the design elements here are some of my favourites. I like the red section on the arms and the two stripes accompanying it. The updated logo in the circle is a nice touch too. I don't like the white inside the C on the shoulder patch though. Overall, it could be a decent third jersey for the Hawks. 8/10

Milwaukee Admirals concepts (by Alan)
We had something similar to this from Alan before, but this time he gives us a blue road jersey. He's labeled it as HOME, but in the AHL they wear white at home. He's also now provided a blue version of the Nordiques inspired alternate. It's Nordiques inspired because that's who the Admirals were affiliated with when they were in the IHL. I did it last time, so I will do it again. COTW nom from me! 8/10

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Matt M.)
It's funny, my favourite part of this entire concept is the wordmark Matt has created. Seems to combine old and new Canucks perfectly. As for the jersey, I think making the stripes all the same thickness has the sweaters encroaching on Blackhawks territory. The numbers, while being the same font as the awesome wordmark, don't work as well for me on the jersey. I like the tri-coloured collars. 7/10

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Matt M.)
Here's Matt Canucks alternate. On this one I like nearly everything. The coloured namebar isn't for me, I say leave it for the Flyers. The smaller cuffs really contribute nicely to the fauxback look. 8/10
Friday: Winners, Winners. Chicken Dinners! Reviewed by Ryan on August 10, 2012 Rating: 5


Justin said...

Thank you to everyone who voted for Colin and I in the July vote and myself in the COTW vote!

Tyler Gross said...

I'm gonna go Matt M. for COTW. I really like those for the Nucks!

Alan John Herbert said...

@Ryan Thanks for the feedback and yes I did made blue as home instead of road, I decide to do that way as a what they look like if the AHL followed the NHL jerseys rules, and also their blue is too good to be a road jersey!

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