Friday: Moving On To July Monthly Vote

The winner of the July 23-29 COTW vote is the team of Colin and Justin. They won with their collaborative effort on the Canucks jersey set. You can see the winning entry on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page. Here are the results of the vote.
Colin & Justin C. - 5
Thallos - 4
Dylan - 1
Justin C. - 1
Scott M. - 1
Steven G. - 1

Colin's and Justin's concept now moves onto the July monthly vote. You can see the entrants listed on the side of the page. Click than banner to see their concepts or go to the COTY 2012 tab. Committee Members, voting runs until the end of Thursday.
July - COTY vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Remember, starting this Monday, the 6th of August I won't be responding to EVERY email. Typically emails that have questions and things will get a response. Not a quick as usual, but I will try to respond. If you're sending in concepts, you more than likely won't get a response. If you think that I forgot your concept, which has only happened 3 times in the over 2 year history of HJC, wait three weeks and then email me if you still haven't seen it.

This weekend the Phase 2 posts for those applying to be HJC writers will commence. You can look for a post on Saturday at noon Eastern and another on Sunday at the same time. I'll probably also throw in a late night post on Saturday or Sunday for Panthers Comp entries.

If you don't mind helping me out, please go over to the Peoria Rivermen's site and vote for my jersey in the fan jersey design contest. It's JERSEY C.


Here are some more Florida Panthers 3rd Jersey entries. 

Panthers entry (by Alan) 
Panthers entry (by Darren H.)
Panthers entry (by Dave C.)
Panthers entry (by Keens)
Panthers entry (by Kyle C.)
Panthers entry (by NB14 #1)
Panthers entry (by NB14 #2)
Panthers entry (by Randall)
Panthers entry (by Spirit104)
Panthers entry (by Steven G.)


Londonderry Lancers concepts (by Brady)
The jerseys are nice. However, when the drop shadow numbers are used, especially on a blue and red concept, it makes it seem like this team WANTS to be the Rangers. A nice vintage looking sports font could have been good here. 7/10

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Felix T.)
There are quite a few execution errors. So many, that it's hard to tell somewhat what this concept is going for. There are stripes on the front of the jersey, but not the back. The red of the concept that was coloured over here is still showing around the laces. The logo has a lot of loose white pixels around it. I would strongly recommend looking at the PAINT.net TUTORIAL and the TUTORIALS link on the side of the page. 3/10

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Tyler G.)
Tyler combines the arms of a Canes jersey with the hem stripes of a Whalers jersey. Tyler intends this as a sort of fauxback. I think though if you're going to use the green and blue, you might as well just go all the way Whalers. I think this might have been more effective in Canes' colours. 7/10

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Robert K.)
The idea isn't too bad here. I could get on board. I think the player numbers could use a thicker outline of blue. Execution error; the TV numbers current read #62, but the back says 26. Also the captain's C appears to be too small. 6/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Stephen T.)
I like this idea. I'm souring on chest stripes, but as a type of "Black Ice" jersey here, I think it could work. I think the yoke outline makes it too many stripes, but that's my opinion. On the execution side of things, the yoke outline uses a different shade of red than the rest of the jersey. Also, the logo looks significantly pixelated. 6/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by HJC)
I tried to combine three previous Hawks' alternates to make fans of all three sweaters happy. The shade of red is from the '09 Classic, the stripes are from the typical Hawks striped black jersey, and the amount of stripes is inspired by the throwback they Hawks wore in 91-92.

Minnesota Wild concepts (by NB14)
NB has Nike "Swift-ed" the Wild's sweaters. I really like all of them. The home is simple and classic and on the road the two shades of white (true & vintage) work well with each other. On the alternate NB has done a very nice job of using red and green and not making it look like a Christmas sweater. 8/10

Memphis Grizzlies concept (by Caz) *Description on concept. 7/10

Manchester Memorial Crusaders (by Brady)
Brady has a connection here as if I remember correctly he said that this was his team/school. There's a lot going on here, but I think they all work well. They would all stand out from the rest of the conference (?), but in a good way. The blue is my favourite of the bunch. 8/10

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Steven G.)
I very much am intrigued by this concept's potential. I like the idea of a lot of burgundy with thick outlines of white and black. As I have said before, I'm not a designs on the side of the jersey fan. I'm probably not the best guy to present this to. As always though the execution is tremendous. 7/10

Ontario Reign concept (by Scott M.)
The ECHL's Ontario Reign were also having a jersey design contest last month and this was Scott's entry. The slight mods to the primary logo are a nice touch. The swooping lines and gradient jersey would normally be frowned upon by me. However, considering that the jersey is a one-off and the theme of said jersey, I think it all fits very well. COTW nom from me! 8/10
Friday: Moving On To July Monthly Vote Reviewed by Ryan on August 03, 2012 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

I like your Blackhawks Alt Ryan, only thing that bothers me about it is that you used the incorrect C on the shoulders. The team has 2 C logos for some reason. One with and one without the serif. They use the one with the serif on their jerseys but the one without serifs on basically everything else. It bugs me when teams do that. but this is a very well done jersey

D3troit1388 said...

NB14 for COTW

Justin said...

Thanks to everyone who voted for Colin and I. We really appreciate it!

Also I'll give Steven G. a COTW nom!

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