Thursday: Last Day to Vote

COTW seems to be really struggling for votes this week. Perhaps it's because blog views are down a bit now because it's the summer and people are out of school or have less work. Not as much time for this blog, which is fair enough. If you do have the time and you're a Committee Member, email your vote in before midnight tonight (Thursday)
COTW July 16-22 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)


Near the end of August, when my free time decreases significantly, I will need some writers to jump in and help out with the daily blog posts. I am taking applications right now and if you're interested in writing for HJC then click the banner at the top of the page and read all of the instructions carefully. I've already got a couple of apps thus far! I think the best thing about getting writers to help out will be that we'll get some new opinions on the blog. I get a bit of a sense that people get tired of hearing what I think. Fair enough. In total I'm looking for about 4 people to help. Not everyone who applies will be accepted.


Kevin W. contacted me and was looking for a template for Under Armor jerseys. I didn't even know they made hockey jerseys, but they do! Anyways, he was wondering if anyone would be interested in making a template for him. It would also be for everyone else as it would go on the TEMPLATES page with full credit to whoever drew it. Here's how Under Armor artistically represents their sweaters. I think it would be best if the template was made compatible with the collars from the "Reebok Premiere Jersey Template".


Oklahoma City Barons concepts (by WhiteLightning)
While the home and road concepts are very well executed, they are poorly designed. It's my opinion, but I feel like they would be as badly accepted as the original Oilers' Edge sweaters. The alternate, a play on Edmonton's pre-Edge 3rd jersey, is wonderful. It's different enough from the NHL version, but still ties in with the big club. 7/10

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Tristan)
Again, the hem trim doesn't work when there are already hem stripes. Plus, there are a whole bunch of loose blue pixels on the front view of the jersey. The white underneath the yellow stripes isn't my favourite, but I'm sure quite a few people would like it. I don't care for how there's quite a bit of black in the logo, but none on the jersey. 5/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Ian)
I really, really like the striping on the arms. It reminds me of the sweater from the 1940's, but it's completely different. I personally like to see a very faint outline around logos with black backgrounds on black jerseys. It just gets the point across better that they are patches and not sublimated into the jersey. That's a personal preference though. 8/10

Cincinnati Cyclones concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 7/10

Peoria Rivermen concept (by Tyler G.)
This is an entry into the Rivermen's jersey contest from Tyler. The jersey is well executed, but a little too typically Reebok for my tastes. I would have also gone with the darker blue instead of the lighter blue on the jersey. Right now the whole sweater is just so damn happy and bubbly, like a bad kids show from the 80's. 7/10

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Mazzz)
I very much like the design of both jerseys! I don't like how they use two different crests. Yes, it has been done before, but I'm not a fan of it. Also, instead of using the Kings' font I would go with the current Sens font. Otherwise you could use something original, such as their is a font called "Kirsty", or you could use "Mighty Mighty Friars". 7/10

Toronto Maple Leafs concepts (by WhiteLightning)
These are really good and the following comments are only nitpicks from a die-hard Leafs fan. I love the alternate, but I'd prefer a white collar. The home and road are great as well I would just like to see collar laces. COTW nom from me! 8/10

Greendale Human Beings concepts (by Colin)
Colin says these are from the show "Community". I have never seen the show, so it would be very difficult for me to accurately comment on these. I'll leave the rating to the readers too.

Team Germany concepts (by Daniel)
Daniel has made some slight changes to the German's national team sweaters. The changes include getting rid of the black on some spots of the white jersey and decreasing the size of the sublimated eagle on the cuffs. The big addition is the "double black" dark jersey. It's a great idea for the German's, I just think the outline on the number needs to be thicker. 7/10

The Black Keys concept (by Caz) *Description on concept. 8/10

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Kevin D.)
In the spirit of the unpopular "Black Ice" jerseys, Kevin has tried what he calls "Neon" jerseys. I like the idea and the potential for a team like the Flyers. This particular design doesn't grab me though. 8 out of 10 times classic jerseys work and the other two times is when an "unconventional" design works. For the Flyers you might as well say 10 out of 10 times a classic design works. That's how I feel anyways. 7/10
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Kevin W. said...

Thanks to whoever decides to take on the Under Armour jersey. I'm trying to do an entire Pac-12 hockey series so I need an Under Armour jersey for Utah.

I'm working with these two templates:



for the other 11 schools in the Pac-12, so something similar would be appreciated.

Justin said...

I'll try to make the Under Armour concept tonight, Kevin! I'll make it interchangeable with the Reebok collars but for the basic template would you like a regular or lace collar?

Also, I'll give Caz a COTW nom! I like the whole design and, even with its simplicity, I love the logo. Good work.

Kevin W. said...

Thanks, Justin. If you could make both collars, I'd appreciate it.

And for that matter, is there a lace-up collar for that Nike template?

Caz said...

Thanks for the COTW Justin!

I enjoyed the Community concept, that show is hilarious. I love the skating Human Being logo. As far as critiquing goes, I'd like to see a solid NOB, and a thinner number outline, but that's just me.

Matt Marczel said...

@Kevin W - I've got an MS Paint compatable Under Armour template for you that just quickly put together. You can download it at the like below.


spirit104 said...

What are the odds of that Caz! I was just about to send in a Black Keys concept! What are the odds of that!?

Caz said...

Wow, that's pretty crazy, Spirit104! Glad to see a fellow Black Keys fan!

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