Devils, Ducks, and Sabres

Tomorrow is the last day for Las Vegas Vipers jersey concepts submissions! You can go to the LAS VEGAS VIPERS page to read the rules and download the logos. Voting will begin on Monday as will a new competition.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Arthur)Arthur bases his logo on the original WHA Jets logo. I've always loved that logo and would love to see an updated version, like this one, used somewhere in the new Jest brand.

Buffalo Sabres concepts (by WhiteLightning)White makes some solid changes to the home and road jerseys here by removing the grey piping and pit "stains". Also disappearing from the jerseys are the number on the front of the jerseys. He also altered the 3rd jersey by taking away the yellow name bar and placing the player's number on the front. I like the logo there instead of a number personally.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Kris)As much as we'd all love to see this jersey come into our buildings on the Canucks backs, I think the Vancouver owners are too committed to the whale to ever consider giving it up right now.

San Jose Sharks concept (by Kyle M.)Kyle almost goes the route of the old Thrashers' home jersey with only one coloured sleeve. Yet, he's also use yokes for this Sharks concept. I like to see when something different is tried on the concepts. You never know, something may end up looking awesome.

Shawinigan Cataractes concept (by Dylan)Shawinigan was announced as the next host of the Memorial Cup. Each host team plays the first game of the tourney wearing a "Remembrance" jersey honouring something to do with the Canadian Forces. This is Dylan's concept for said situation.

Milwaukee Admirals concept (by Stephen)I really like the design on this jersey. It's like the Admirals went dark and crazy. A heel turn, if you will. I would just add a white outline to the logo. I think it needs more white somewhere so it shows a little better.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by David)I definitely like the jersey design here. The circle logo with wings and the retro crest is pretty decent. All in all a pretty good concept here.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by Mark)Another unique jersey design used on this concept but, it fits the Ducks style. I like that old mask logo, it was one of the few elements that I think could be used again by the Ducks.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Jack)Jack turns the Devils' jersey black for this concept. It's the adjustment on the logo that is key. I like the adjustment but, again I think it needs a white outline.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Scott)Scott has also turned the Devils jersey black but, he keeps the logo in its current state. When you get the full body model of the concept, you can see how good this uniform would look. By the way, the full body template (MS Paint compatible) is available on the TEMPLATES page.

Devils, Ducks, and Sabres Reviewed by Ryan on July 02, 2011 Rating: 5


Andrew said...

David's Red Wings Jersey for COTW!

Connor Hanley said...

Ryan, i don't think you've posted my preds concept yet.

Ryan said...

@Connor: Not yet, but it's due up soon. Probably Monday or Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

i like the black NJ ocncepts. the full body needs red on the gloves tho...

Scott Markiewicz said...

i usually dont mess with the gloves because every brand of glove is different.

Stephan said...

dylan for cotw

Kyle S. said...

Ryan, will you be posting my Winnipeg Jets concept soon? Thanks.

Ryan said...

@Kyle S.: Not yet, but it's due up soon. Probably Monday or Tuesday.

Connor Hanley said...

Mark's Ducks for COTW. I'm a sucker for piping

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