Bruins, Jets, Stars and More!

I already have received some entries for the COTW Challenge! The competition is going to be good so be sure to submit your best work.

Winnipeg Jets (by Paul)Paul creates his own logo on this one. I like it except it sort of looks like the jet is running out of gas with the single curvy line behind it. Also, I know the shoulder patches are supposed to be hockey sticks but, they look like L's.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Cody)Cody has taken a few pieces from the old Jets logo and pieced them together to create a different Jets logo.

Winnipeg Whiteout concept (by Elias)This is from when there were rumours after TNSE registered "Winnipeg Whiteout" as a trademark. Looks like they will just use that as a playoffs promotion.

Boston Bruins concept (by Kris)Here's another version of this jersey. Instead of using the home/road template though, Kris has used the Winter Classic jersey.

Boston Bruins concepts (by Mark)Mark uses the 80's Bruins jersey and Edge-ifies them. The bear crest is used as the main logo here. It would be cool if the black home jersey used the crest that said "BRUINS" and the white road jersey used the crest that says "BOSTON".

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Yazid)Yazid sticks with simple and classic striping for these concepts. If this is meant to be a home and away set, the arm stripes could be more consistent. I wonder if the Lightning will ever change their 3rd jersey to match the new look?

Phoenix Coyotes concepts (by WhiteLightning)The alternate jersey may look out of place but, it's based on the 1974-75 WHA's Phoenix Roadrunners jersey. Roadrunners has got to be the most used name for hockey teams to ever play in Phoenix!

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Jack)Simple striping which looks to be based somewhat on the jerseys of the 90's. I don't like the thick green outline on the numbers. If it was thinner and had white space between it, like the logo does, I might like it more.

Dallas Stars concept (by Ryan)I really wanted to bring green back to the Stars. I also tries to combine old with new a little bit and I pulled on the Texans heartstrings by placing the state's flag just above the player's name.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Kevin)This was the Stars' original look back in 1993-94. I actually think these jerseys look better on the Edge cut!
Bruins, Jets, Stars and More! Reviewed by Ryan on July 05, 2011 Rating: 5


cody said...

whitelightnings design loook souta wack but im going to nominate it for COTW becauswe its home and road look great!

Anonymous said...

cody you really dont have much room to talk

someone who takes pride in their work said...

yo cody all i see is a logo that we have all pretty much seen for the past month or so and no concepts from you so keep your lame comments to yourself and stop dissing other peoples work, especially since the person who runs the site had one of his concepts on this post. when you run your own site then you can determine what is good and what is too lame to put up but until then shut up

Ryan said...

@Cody: Comments that are negative but aren't constructive get deleted! You don't like things...fine but, maybe try and help someone out by saying WHY you don't like things!

cody said...

@someone who takes pride in his work said i ahve made a bunch of concepts and the logo is my own creation. i might have said today stuff was lame, but at least i dont go ahead and write negative stuff about people.

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