Week of June 6-12, 2011

Minnesota North Stars ReDeisgn voting wrapped up last night...sort of. Here are the results;We have a tie! Brad and Stephane tied with 8 votes each. Both of them will have their concepts entered into this week's COTW voting. We will also have a playoff vote to determine the ReDeisgn winner! Click on the banner to the right to vote. Voting runs until Wednesday @ 11:59pm EST.

COTW voting is also starting now. Go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see the nominees. Voting is on the left side of the page and runs until Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

Names have been submitted for the Las Vegas ReDeisgn competition. There were a wide variety of them. Some of them I had to get rid of because all they said were "Las Vegas" or "Winnipeg Jets" and others were just inappropriate. You can see all of the entries below.Seeing as there were so many different entries I've taken the top 5 and put them in a vote on the right side of the page. That vote runs until Wednesday @ 11:59pm EST.

Last week's poll was the simplest Weekly Poll ever. It was also the most responded to ever! In the end, 75% of you think that Vancouver will take the series and win the Cup. They certainly look that way but, never discount a team in a series until you see them play on home ice.

This week's poll is one that I have been looking forward to asking for a while. What new sweater(s) are you looking forward to most this off-season? Voting is on the right side of the page and runs until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

Ypu've probably already read about it and/or know about it but, here it goes anyways. The Panthers confirmed today, with their new marketing program, that we will be seeing a new home jersey unveiled at the draft in Minnesota on June 24th. That night could be a VERY good night for us jersey geeks!

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Sam)A little bit of a college/vintage look on this one. I like it and if the Nordiques come back I think they should stay away from the retro look for the home and away and try something new. I wouldn't mind a retro 3rd. Nice job by Sam with his 1st contribution to HJC.

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Kyle S)Kyle takes the Ducks' 3rd jersey and recolours it to fit the 90's Sabres. This jersey looks WAY better as a black and red Sabres sweater than the Ducks jersey!

Buffalo Sabres concept (by Kyle M)I've never been a fan of the B and sword logo. I think I might be in the minority there. On this concept, I think the old Sabres striping might have been better than the thick yellow stripes.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Jeremy)You have probably seen a design similar to this before at some point. That's because it's not really that bad of a design. What would be the harm in the Hamilton Bulldogs using this as a road or 3rd?

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Kevin)In my opinion you don't mess with a classic. I've tried to tweak elements on the Wings' jerseys before and it never looks as good and as classy as what they have been wearing since nearly the dawn of their existence. Got to love the attempt though.

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Mason)This is a Winter Classic concept by Mason. Obviously using inspiration from the old Quakers but, Mason takes a different route and creates a black concept. The shoulder patches are meant to have the same effect as the Hurricanes 3rd jersey patches.

Carolina Hurricanes concept (by Arjun)You may have seen this before, as it got posted last night on Icethetics. Even thought it's your cookie cutter fauxback jersey I do like the hurricane flag use at the bottom. I think the concept would have benefited with them on the arms also.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Ian/Tom)Back on May 24 I posted a hand draw Devils concept by Ian. Tom could resist the urge to turn the concept digital. As I said when the original was posted, I like the removal of the NJ from the circle and how unique the striping is.
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Glen Cuthbert said...

The cat on the Panthers ad looks like Darth Maul

imfreddy said...

Kyle's Sabres concept for concept of the week!

Ryan said...

@Glen: Good call!

Tex said...

"The cat on the Panthers ad looks like Darth Maul"

That was the first thing that I thought when I saw it!!

Stephan said...

Ian/Tom cotw

spirit104 said...

Toms NJ concept for COTW

Anonymous said...

Tom: Thank You Very Much! I just got back from a week in Ireland and it was a fantastic surprise to see my design digitally drawn out... it is exactly as I intended, GREAT job and thank you again!

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