Week of June 27 - July 3, 2011

The last Weekly Poll asked what jersey number do you wear, or would you wear? This was one of the more popular Weekly Polls and the answers were scattered across the board. One classic jersey number was slightly more popular than the rest and that was #9. Seven people said that they wear the number 9 on their back. Check out the full results below and find out how many people wear your number.For the record, I voted for and wear #16...unless I'm in goal, then I wear #29.

The next Weekly Poll is asking what position you play. If you don't play hockey just answer with whatever position you would want to play. Just typing that made me think of a second part to the poll which asks if you play organized hockey or not. The polls are on the right side of the page and run until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.

In case you missed it, we have our Las Vegas Vipers logo. Jersey concepts are now being accepted until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. Click the banner on the right for all of the rules. They MUST be followed.

The nominees for the Concept of the Week are up. Go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see them. Then, you can vote on the left side of the page. The poll closes on Thursday @ 11:59pm EST.

With some of the Las Vegas logo submissions I also received jersey concepts which, I've hung onto until today to post them. These are all eligible to be nominated for COTW if you feel inclined.

Las Vegas Vipers concept (by Mike A.)I really like that pattern at the hem of the alternate jersey.

Las Vegas Skulls concepts (by Cody)Cody uses a flaming skull circle logo along with the old Canucks colours.

Las Vegas Vipers concepts (by John)I like the fang design coming down the front of the jersey. Personally I would have made the green a little darker.

Las Vegas Vipers concept (by Brandon)These are pretty cool desert themed jerseys by Brandon. I also enjoy the hem and arm stripe designs here.

Las Vegas Vipers concepts (by Scott)This set reminds me of the great jersey set that the London Knights currently have. I don't know why but, I like Scott's white jersey.

Rider U. concept (by TommyGentz)I think this concept needs a little more black trim. I like it on the yokes but, I think it would also serve well on the arm detail.

Calgary Flames concept (by Alex)The horse head logo would do well on this jersey if, as the above concept, it had more black trim. There's a decent amount of black in the logo, I think the jersey could use some black to help the two match.

Nashville Predators concepts (by Alan)Almost a return to the pre-Edge design but, the checkerboard pattern is put to use. I like it on the sleeves and the hem but, I would remove it from the sides of the jersey.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Cody)Cody uses Sweden's Tre Kronor and colours them purple for a gold and purple Kings concept. Here's something for concept artists to keep an eye out for; why is the stripe on the back of the jersey black when on the front it is purple?

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by WhiteLightning)I like that alternate jersey alot! However, I'm not really liking the yokes on the purple and gold jerseys.

Los Angeles Kings concepts (by Glen)Burger King is back! At least on Glen's concept he is. I never had a problem with the guy, just the jersey that he lived on. Glen borrows elements from the Manchester Monarchs pre-Edge jerseys here. I also like the font on the back which I think, is also from the former Burger King jersey.
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spirit104 said...

Alan's Preds concept for COTW

Connor Hanley said...

Glens Kings for COTW

Tommy said...

Love Alan's Preds jersey! I love the addition of the checkerboard (one of my fav additions to their jerseys). These, in my opinion, is better then the new yellow ones. I feel like the NHL should ban yellow jerseys =P

cody said...

for your informatio ryan, its supposed to be like that. remember the new york rangers jersey of the 60's had the same problem(front line was red, back was white.)

cody said...

second glen kings for cotw! love that logo and wish it would be brought back.

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