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Free Agent "frenzy" starts tomorrow at noon. If you ask me, it'll probably be pretty tame. The trade deadline used to be the same way. Now I find it's the Draft that is the most exciting. Tomorrow's big questions are, where will Brad Richards end up? My guess is with the Rangers. The other question being, will anyone sign Steven Stamkos to an offer sheet or will the Lightning re-sign him? My guess is even if someone gives him an offer sheet the Lightning will match it.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by David)David brings back WHA home and road jerseys but, he also has made a new logo with a small bit of help from clipart. Also, the alternate red "fauxback" jersey looks pretty cool!

Manitoba Moose concept (by Jack)Ok, this is the last Moose concept that I have in the inbox. This one used the former Thrashers road jersey template. For a little more colourful jersey I would have switched the green and black. I personally think TNSE wanted desperately to go with the Moose name for the new team but, too many people wanted the Jets back and they were afraid of disappointing the loyal fans.

Glendale Sun concept (by Dylan)Dylan has created his own team here. Don't know if it's the best choice placing another team in Glendale, Arizona though. For the logo, Dylan has used the Arizona Sundogs (CeHL) mark. Hard to form an opinion on this concept when there are no numbers, back or TV, or shoulder patches.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Kyle M.)These have a unique design to them, nice work Kyle. They could do with shoulder patches and/or TV numbers.

Florida Panthers concepts (by YellowKid180)These definitely fit the new Panthers slogan, "We See Red". However, I think they also need to see some blue on here so it matches the logo.

New York Rangers concept (by Mike A.)This sort of looks like a white version of the current 3rd just with yokes. I like the vintage patch on the front. I've never seen it but, I wonder if TV viewers would be able to see the vintage white on regular white?

Ottawa Senators concepts (by Kris)I think a great move for the Sens would be grabbing the old Ottawa 67's (OHL) home jersey and using it in their jersey rotation, such as Kris has done here. The home and road jerseys are also respectable. As is that side profile logo that hasn't been used too much (unfortunately).

Ottawa Senators concepts (by WhiteLightning)The 67's style jersey is used here also but, I think I like Kris' better. I do like the way the shoulder patch is placed in this black jersey though. The home and road look good, I'd just use thin white striped on either side of the big gold stripe.

Kansas City Indians concepts (by Michael N.)Michael has also created his own team. Kansas City may possibly be Gery Bettman's next choice for an NHL team. After all, they do have a rink waiting to be used. Quebec will be in the same situation in a year or two and then it'll be an all out battle between the two cities!

Kansas City Scouts concepts (by Dwayne)They had the Scouts for two years but were plagued by attendance and financial problems. I love this identity and really like what Dwayne has done with these concepts. That logo on the alternate may be deemed "politically incorrect" these days but, it does look good on that jersey. I give this one a COTW nomination.

Today is the last day to vote for COTW, on the left side of the page. Only 6 votes separate 1st from 3rd! If you haven't voted, be sure to do so before 11:59pm EST tonight.

Las Vegas Vipers jersey concepts are still being accepted until Sunday. The next competition will start on Monday. A clue as to what we are doing? Get your BEST ready!
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