A Surprisingly News Filled Day

I never woke up this morning expecting even a crumb of news to match what we got today!

I'll start with a recap of the NHL Awards. I stuck to my intentions made last year and didn't watch most of the show. All I heard was that TV's "Real Housewives" were there and presented Martin "St. Luis" with an award...what a disgrace! Here's the award winners and who HJC readers picked as their winners:

HART - Winner:Perry / HJC:St. Louis
NORRIS - Winner:Lidstrom / HJC:Chara
VEZINA - Winner:Thomas / HJC:Thomas
CALDER - Winner:Skinner / HJC:Skinner
JACK ADAMS - Winner:Bylsma / HJC:Trotz

The only part of the awards show I surprisingly managed to tune into was the only thing I would want to see and that was the revealing of the NHL 12 cover athlete.Steve Stamkos will grace the cover of NHL 12 wearing his new Tampa Bay Lightning jersey. These are the only video games that I purchase and from time to time I will be covering news relating to the game. If you don't like the game, I suggest just skipping past those parts.

With the cover athlete revealed, NHL 12 also released some pics of Stamkos in the game. I couldn't help but notice two things. One, we get our first "official" look at what the lightning bolt will look like on a player model.Two, the new Reebok wordmark appears on the back of the jersey instead of the old "Reebox".I had pointed this out during the Game 1 Live Blog. This pretty much confirms it for me that next season the Reebok wordmark will be on the back of the jerseys. I guess the next indicator you can look for is at the Draft and the jerseys given to the draft picks.

Second bit of news was the release of the Predators' new logos!Still can't say I'm a fan of the Predators logo but, it's definitely not disastrous. I like that they simplified the logo which actually makes it more modern. I just don't understand the big yellow stripe running through the head. I really like the new guitar pick logo. I just think that is excellent work! The wordmark and NP logo have also been nicely cleaned up.

Winnipeg Falcons concepts (by David)We also got news via TSN that the Winnipeg franchise may release their name and possibly a logo by the end of the weekend. One option that is floating around is the Falcons. I really like the 3rd "heritage" jersey that David has used here. Word is that Winnipeg will just give their draftees generic NHL jerseys and hats at the draft.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Mason)This concept is based on the Jackets' stripes on their home socks. I've always liked that simple striping pattern and have wanted to see it on a Blue Jackets jersey.

Detroit Red Wings concepts (by Mark)We get the Winter Classic logo attached to the road white jersey and then the hem stripes are removed. The colours are reversed for the home jersey. Not bad jerseys at all but, as you all know I don't think the Wings' look should EVER be messed with.

Boston Bruins concept (by Timmy)After the Bruins won the Cup I was sent a bunch of Bruins concepts. Here Timmy takes the Ducks 3rd jersey and adds Bruins gold. He also adds orange to the Bruins colour scheme?

Boston Bruins concept (by Timmy)Another one from Timmy as he creates a Cup Champs jersey for the B's. I think the Bruins might use a more distinct font than Times New Roman. I do like the idea though of along with getting a team's championship hat/shirt/flag you could also get a special edition jersey.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Stephen)No one ever remembers the team that lost...until someone reminds you with a concept! One thing I would change on these concepts would be to make the whale black.

Boston Bruins concepts (by WhiteLightning)White takes the Providence Bruins' jersey set and promotes it to the big club. I've personally never thought that the Bear shoulder patch was ever strong enough to be a main crest.

Boston Bruins concept (by Tex)Here is an Edge-ified version of the 1967-76 jersey made famous by Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito! Slight change on this jersey is the re-colouring of the current logo instead of using a vintage one.

Boston Bruins concept (by Brian)I like this one! It has an old school look to it with the removal of white. Also, when you look closer at it you can see that it sort of has a fur pattern to it! I'll give this one a COTW nomination.

Boston Bruins concept (by Stéphane)It really would be awesome to see the Bruins commemorate the Cup winning teams before them by wearing retro jerseys for each year (29,39,41,70,72)
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-DW said...

I find it strange that in those screenshots of Stamkos in the video game, that the fans in the stands have all of the old jerseys on, none of the Tampa Bay Maple Wings jerseys on.

Alan John Herbert said...

Tex"s concept got my vote!

BlueAndWhiteForever said...

I'd vote for the Bruins fur jersey. It's so good, I'd buy it... and I'm a Leafs fan.

Glen Cuthbert said...

White Lightning's Bruins set looks awfully familiar...

(from my rebrand)

Ryan said...

@Glen: I can understand your suspicions but, I've probably seen that yellow Bruins concept by at least 10 different people.

Brad said...

very popular that yelo Bruins....Im am sooo ticked at that show. Go back and count how long the American Flag flew behind Doug Weight's acceptance speech. Americanization of our game is complete; the ARMY is in it now....

Tex said...


That is an absurd comment, the reason the flag flew behind Doug Weight was because he was, American. I can see if it was a Canadian player getting an award with an American flag in the background. I know I would be ticked, if a Canadian flag was in the background with an American player getting an award. I do hate the awards show, however, and think its really poorly executed. But Americans don't have a problem with the Canadianization of football. But,anyway I do nominate your Ava concept forCOTW.

Brad said...

ok, so why didn't they fly a flag behind anyone else that won??

Tex said...

oh, they didn't? Now THAT IS pretty pathetic, sorry for the comment, then. I wouldn't watch that awards show if it was the only thing on anyway.

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