New York, Winnipeg and Much More

It's a late night post here on HJC.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Mason)This Jets jersey looks to be based off of the Thrashers' white jersey. Not a bad jersey here I just think that if Winnipeg's team has any sort of direct reference to the old Atlanta team fans will reject it. Of course they've already bought all of the season tickets so, I guess they really don't have a choice.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Mark)Mark uses SyPhi's very popular Jets concept logo. I think these jerseys suffer from the unfortunate simplicity as the Dallas Stars' road jersey. Hem stripes would go a long way here, in my humble opinion.

Manitoba Moose concepts (by Kyle S.)Can't really complain about this classic design. Similar to the Wild home sweater but, with 3 stripes added at the bottom. I don't think that the stripe directly along the hem is needed though.

Newfoundland Bullet concept (by Eric T.)The now defunct Manitoba Moose will be vacating the MTS Centre. Their move returns an AHL team to the people of St. John's, Newfoundland. Eric has created this concept using an old stamp for a logo and the province's flag for the team colours. I personally don't think the AHL would allow that as a team name, even though it refers to a train and not a gun accessory.

Winnipeg Warriors concepts (by David)Definitely a colour scheme not really seen in the NHL. David also uses the Thrashers font on his jerseys. He also keeps the crest shape for his home and road concepts.

Pittsburgh Pirates concept (by WinnipegJets96)If the Pirates managed to last 77 more years first, the Penguins probably wouldn't exist and the Pirates may have had a retro jersey Edge-ified, like this one.

Pittsburgh Penguins concept (by WhiteLightning)If the Pens ever are to play in a Winter Classic again, and they shouldn't for at least 10 years, they may bring something like this out of the closet. A vintage jersey inspired by the above mentioned Pittsburgh Pirates.

New York Rangers concept (by TommyGentz)A Winter Classic idea, Tommy uses vintage white, the New York script, and adds yokes for a classic outdoor game look.

New York Rangers concept (by Mason)Possibly another Winter Classic concept, Mason uses the Rangers jerseys from their first season. My favourite part of the jersey is the lack of a player name on the back. That would be a great touch in the Winter Classic!

Boston Bruins concept (by Glen)I'll complete this post with a concept for the Champs. Who, if you didn't hear, had a bill of just over $156,000 at a bar celebrating with the Cup. They also left a $25,000 tip. I really like the concept here but, I think it's a little too over the top for the NHL. This would be a great promo night jersey for the Providence Bruins though.
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Stephan said...

glenn bruins for cotw

Alan John Herbert said...

2nd on Glenn's Concept

Andrew said...

Third on Glen's Concept. Put that in the COTW!

Glen said...

+1 for Tommy's Ranger's Classic concept.

Glen Cuthbert said...

Just so everyone knows, that wasn't me that made the above comment. It is a nice jersey, though.

Unknown said...

I like Glens Boston Bruins concept said 2 b a great Providence Bruins promo night jersey! If that jersey was real I would definitely buy & wear that thing with pride as only the Bruins fans can!

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