More on the New Sweaters...and Concepts

I was taking a closer look at some of the jerseys released at the Draft again today and I notice a few things.

Los Angeles
From the first picture of the kid/table runner, you couldn't see that there was a new hem stripe on the road jersey.It matches the arms stripes. Speaking of which, when I compared the black version to the white version, it looks like the size of the thick stripe is smaller on the new road jersey. I wonder if these changes will also be happening on the black home jersey? Also, for those that are interested, here is my new unofficial blank LA Kings road jersey template.
Funny thing about the new Panthers home sweater is that when I first saw it I felt like "So what? We've seen that before". Well, at least I had seen that before as back in October of 2008 I put together one of my first concepts. It turns out that it was 3 years too early.

Florida Panthers concept (by Ryan)

Now it just seems like they hyped up the new "We See Red" campaign but just threw together the most obvious jersey possible. Also, here is the unofficial blank template of the jersey.
Turns out that the leaked pictures that we saw were prototypes. As the final product did not have "NASHVILLE" on the front. This is a jersey that I really like! It's a few additional things that I noticed that really makes it enjoyable for me.I like the NASHVILLE on the back of the collar. If you look at the jersey on the left and look inside the collar you can see piano keys, love it! I also love the new style collar itself. I enjoy how there is now stitched in neck insert for the NHL crest to sit on. It's now part of the jersey. The collar is the style that is usually used for laced jerseys which clearly these jerseys do not have. Here is the unofficial blank template of these jerseys.

The only new blank template that I have, that I am willing to call official is the new Oilers road jersey.

You can find all of my blank NHL team jerseys HERE.

I found this cool feature on the Edmonton Oilers website called Rinks 101. They have a video tour and a bunch of quick factoids for 20 different NHL rinks.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by TommyGentz)This isn't what Winnipeg is expecting when they get their Jets back. Nice cross branding effort of the NHL and NFL teams that share the name.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Timmy)Here's an old Thrashers 3rd jersey turned into a Kings jersey...

Colorado Avalanche concept (by Sam)This is sort of like the old Av's pre-Edge 3rd jersey but, with yokes and the main crest instead of a wordmark. I always liked the striping on that jersey.

New York Rangers concepts (by Stephen)What started out as vintage New York Americans jerseys turned into Rangers jerseys. I'm really starting to love that vintage Rangers logo and I definitely want to see it at the 2012 Winter Classic.

New York Rangers concepts (by WhiteLightning)Mr. Lightning demotes the classic blue jersey to 3rd status and then has the Lady Liberty set as the new home and away...Edge-ified of course.

New York Rangers concept (by Tex)People really love this Lady Liberty jersey. It even won HJC's All-Time Favourite Jersey Tournament last September. Most of you probably weren't reading this blog at that point so, we'll probably have to do that again.
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michaelnedrow said...

I love the colors on Timmy's jersey now all he gas to do is clean it up and complete it, then he may be on to something.

Trevor said...

One thing I noticed about the new Preds jersey, they moved the "Nashville" from the front to the back collar of the jersey. Maybe this was on the "leak", but I didn't notice it.

Ryan said...

If you look closely at the back of the white jersey on the "leak" you'll see a bit of it. It's folded down so you can't see it that well.

cody said...

sams avalanche for cotw!

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