Lots of Winnipeg concepts and more

I just got a new phone today (Motorola Atrix) and I'm going to be spending the day messing around with it. So, this post will be a little short.

Los Angeles Kings concept (by Jack)We had a Burger King concept yesterday and another one today! This one features a little more black. If it was up to me, I'd switch the black and the purple.

Boston Bruins concept (by Andrew)Andrew used the Bruins Winter Classic jersey and threw the retro logo on as shoulder patches.

Winnipeg Jets concept (by Cody)Cody introduces gold into the colour scheme. A move I can possibly see happening as the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers use gold.

Manitoba Jets concepts (by John)Another possible name was the Manitoba Jets as TNSE wanted the team to represent more than just Winnipeg. Silver is also a possible colour addition.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Gary)Simple and classic striping. Most times you can't go wrong with it. Gary alters the Jets logo a little bit for this concept.

Manitoba Moose concepts (by Kyle S.)Kyle sent these before we got confirmation that they would be called the Jets. It's a shame that such a great brand has to be put away in the closet.

Dallas Stars concepts (by Roger)Roger made these in the NHL 11 Create A Team mode. How about the Stars with a gold jersey, would it work?

Dallas Stars concept (by Alex)I think most of us would like to see a green jersey for the Stars. Yet, I think the state of Texas logo should be kept to the shoulders.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Tex)Tex took the white jersey of the 40's and Edge-ified it. I think we'd all be agreeable if the Habs used this again as a 3rd jersey?

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Scott)A little bit of the same thing here but, Scott added a yoke and took the name off the back. I'd love for more teams to get permission to do that for special occasions.

I didn't have too many comments about this post so, please you guys, fill up the comments section!
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ArthurD said...

Scott's Canadiens Jersey for COTW

BlueAndWhiteForever said...

You must have a lot of concepts to process... mine was supposed to be posted a week and a half from when I sent it in, it's been over two weeks now. This actually makes me happy, because I like seeing more people getting in to HJC.

spirit104 said...

Tex's Canadiens concept for COTW

Anonymous said...

Tex's Habs one should become the third. There should be more teams with a white third.

cody said...

second scotts concepts!

Ryan said...

@TheGamer: Which concept did you send in? Maybe send it again. I looked and I don't see any concepts that aren't on schedule.

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