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What a busy weekend so far for me. I wasn't expecting it to be this busy. Starting tomorrow, I'll be on mini-vacation. Not from HJC though.

The COTW Playoff vote has concluded, and the winner by a score of 27-23 is Kyle S. and his Buffalo Sabres concept.Go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page to see his winning enrty.

Washington Capitals concept (by Mason)
I guess it's only appropriate to design a jersey for the capital using the United States flag as inspiration. To me, this one looks more like and All Star Game jersey for a game held in Washington.

Minnesota Wild concept (by Cody)I always appreciate when people create their own logos like Cody has done here for this Wild design. Interesting choice with the 1940's style cut jersey.

St. Louis Hurricanes concept (by Cody)For this concept Cody has moved the Hurricanes out of Carolina and into St. Louis to become the St. Louis Hurricanes. He then gave them the old Eagles jerseys.

Nashville Predators concept (by Matthew)This is Matthew's 1st contribution to HJC. For it, he has created a black Preds concept. He has re-coloured the logo to a simple black and yellow scheme. I think the jersey could use some stripes or something on it.

Billings Bighorns (by WinnipegJets96)This team played in the WHL from 1977-82 and wore the old Capitals jerseys. Here, Jets96 has changed their colours to yellow, red and blue. Not picking on Jets96 here, but if there aren't any shoulder patches, or names on backs, or TV numbers on your concept it comes across like you quickly filled in some colours and sent it in just to get it posted quickly.

Winnipeg Winter Owls concept (by JohnVco)Great job here by John creating his own logo! Black and yellow are the colours. I like the Jets shoulder patch to pay tribute to the old team. I also like the numbers on the back but, I would make the yellow line thicker.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Brandon)This one was inspired by the famous archway in St. Louis. I especially can see it on the socks.

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (by Kevin)The "steel blue" is used as the main colour here. The logos also switch positions. Only thing I would change is removing the red outline on the TV numbers.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Ryan)I took the vintage red and green jersey and just made it black. I then added one of my own logo modifications to it. I've been using that logo on my concepts for nearly 3 years now.

Today is the last day for Las Vegas Vipers logo submissions. Click HERE to see what has come in so far.
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Tex said...

Ryan's Devils concept for COTW

Kyle S. said...

I don't know if this will count because I don't have a google account, but I agree that Ryan's Devils concept should be nominated for COTW.

Stephan said...

cody's wild for cotw

Alan John Herbert said...

Cody's Wild Concepts for COTW

cody said...

thanks to everyone who enjoys my wild concept!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Just a comment here, but there are no HURRICANES n St Louis Missouri @ last check, LOL!

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