Live Blog Quick Hits and We Have a City!

Hope anyone who dropped in enjoyed last night's Game 1 Live Blog. VERY tentative plans are to do it again for Game 4 but, those are VERY fragile plans. During last night's event I received a few concepts that didn't make it into the post. That's mainly because my goal was to post a concept after each team scored. That was hard to do when the only goal scored was with 19 seconds left in the game! Currently, Blogger is causing problems uploading photos...AGAIN!!! So my next post will probably come tomorrow and I'll have the ones that I didn't post yesterday.

Also last night, voting to determine the city, of a fictional team that we will be designing, concluded. Las Vegas was the most popular city with 4 of 38 votes. Tomorrow, I'll show you all of the results from the vote.

We will be naming this team from Las Vegas. Lets try and be very original. Calling them the Las Vegas Gamblers or Ramblers is very predictable. Of course, if that's what you feel like creating then please enter it.

I have been getting a lot of concepts lately with people using concept logos and clip art that they have found around the internet. It is EXTREMELY important that you give proper credit to the creator(s) of the logo ON YOUR IMAGE. It's not okay just to write on your image that you found the logo on CCSLC, or Icethetics, or PuckDrawn. You must find the person's name or other identifier. If you have looked long and hard for a name and can't find one, you then must leave the web address on your image, where you found the logo. Sorry to sound like a dick but, people work very hard on somethings and need to be given the credit they deserve. Thanks.
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Trevor said...

One idea I had for the Vegas team would be the Las Vegas Thunderbirds after the U.S. Air Force squadron. I know there is a major Air Force base located in Vegas and the Thunderbirds are stationed there.

Scott Markiewicz said...

i hope no one says the Las Vegas 51's because the Toronto Blue Jays have a triple-A team there with that name...

Max Tash said...

Las Vegas.....Really???

What will follow is the endless parade of playing cards and dice and Aces, Gamblers, Hi-Rollers, etc.

I hope people will be original and stay away from this type of design.

Ricky Mazella said...

I'm the Seguarros dude. I figure that the greater Vegas area is half desert. I have been there on several occasions and know how hot it can get out there! My concept has already been submitted.

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