Giant Project Finished

I'll get to the concepts in a moment. First, over the last month or so some may, or may not, have noticed a lack in concepts from me. After all, I originally started this site to post my concepts. Well, that's because I have been working on somewhat of a large project. Many of you have probably been to The Hockey Uniform Database, I've taken the last month and a bit to create blank templates for all teams.It's very similar to what you can find on CCSLC, just on a different template. This template is MS Paint friendly also! You can browse and download all of the templates HERE on my Photobucket account! I also hope to be constantly updating the jersey as new ones are released.

Washington Capitals concepts (by Michael)To me, this looks like what would happen if you decided to re-brand the Caps back into the red and blue during the 90's. Surprisingly, I like the stars across the hem stripe.

St Louis Blues concept (by Kyle M.)Kyle uses the Finish League's Espoo Blues logo here. I like how the font matches the royal theme of the logo. It's a classic design also, so really you can't go wrong there.

Chicago Blackhawks concept (by Kyle S.)I love the jersey design. I've used this colour combo before on many concepts. Kyle has also done a nice job altering the Hawks logo with a creation of his own.

Minnesota North Stars concepts (by Sam)Pretty good set here from Sam. I like the black shoulders on the green jersey but, now on the white one. I'd have those green. I also like the stars at the cuffs on the green jersey, I just wish they would appear on the white one also. Big credit on this one goes to Bmac at Wild About Design.

San Jose Sharks concept (by Tex)Liking it but, again personally, I want to see some hem stripes. I do like the thin outline on the main crest.

Calgary Flames concept (by Kevin)I think this is a great 3rd jersey for the Flames. That horse head logo is built to be on a black jersey as a main crest! I think the Edge stitching also works here. I know many of you don't care for it though.

Connecticut Whale concepts (by Scott)Scott sends in a home and road concept for his hometown team. If we weren't lead to believe that the Whale were going to be an AHL version of the former Whalers, this set would be fantastic. I really like the numbers on the back also.

Montreal Canadiens concepts (by Stéphane)Stéphane has made alterations to the classic Habs set. His intentions are to tie the two jerseys together rather than have two separate sweaters. The road is an Edge'd version of the 40's white jersey. Laces have been added to the home and road. He also put the numbers back inside the arm bands. Stéphane still suggests that the Habs go without an alternate jersey.
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Tommy said...

What would be really crazy if you were able to make a processor that lets u pick a jersey and a logo and just mix and match all the jerseys like that create-a-pokemon site. http://alexonsager.net/pokemon/

James H. said...

I like the use of grey in the Washington Capitals jersey. It's very orginial. COTW Anyone?

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