Eric's KHL ReDesign Part VII

SKA ST. PETERSBURG (by Eric)This team boasts stars like Alexei Yashin, Matthias Weinhandl and Maxim Afinogenov. If you have top-tier talent, you should probably have classy jerseys. Simple stripes and bright colours, with an oversized logo. This is based off of what they wore in the 80's. The alt is what I thought it would be like if they tried going modern with their current wordmark-spangled jerseys. It turned out a lot like the old Islanders. NOBS are for the aforementioned Yashin, Weinhandl and Afinogenov.

SPARTAK MOSCOW (by Eric)The design is brand new, and a small departure from their current design. This set sees another logo based on the original logo, and an alt with an original logo and stripes similar to their current ones with black added for contrast. NOBS for Dominik Hasek, Branko Radiviojevic, and Stefan Ruzicka.

Next Wednesday will be the final installment of Eric's KHL ReDesign. Got an idea for a Wednesday series? Send it along. If you're interested in doing one, all your concepts must be complete before anything is posted.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Kevin)The black is brought back for this concept. The logos trade places too. I like the drop shadow on the numbers and player name.

Columbus Blue Jackets concepts (by Stephen)A very interesting design here. It sort of reminds me of a rugby shirt. I do like the idea of a small logo across the heart. I find that this pattern also goes well with the numbering.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Paul)This is sort of a cross between a Sens jersey and the Wings' logo. The octopus makes an appearance as a shoulder patch. I like the numbering on the back. Nice and classic, just like the Wings. Hopefully, with division realignment coming for the 2012-13 season, the Wings will move to the Eastern Conference and the Leafs can play them at least 4 times a year.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Tex)It's very possible that this could be the Leafs' 3rd jersey next season. On the actual jersey I think we'll see a solid white collar and laces. This isn't my first choice for a 3rd, as this jersey is associated with the 80's and that was a VERY bad decade for the Leafs.

Florida Panthers concepts (by Kevin)Kevin takes the Edge jerseys and the pre-Edge jerseys and mashes them together. I don't think that the road white works here. However, I do like the red concept, it seems to work quite well.

Tampa Bay Lightning concepts (by Stéphane)These are great adjustments to the Lightning jerseys! I love what the silver does, especially to the logo on the blue jersey. I'd only change one little thing. I like that they will be using blue laces on their white sweaters and I'd do the same here. This one gets a COTW nom from me.

If you missed it yesterday, I have added every NHL team's blank template (on the NHLuniforms template) to the TEMPLATES page. When there, scroll to the bottom to find the link.

The poll to determine the name of our Las Vegas team ends today at 11:59pm EST. It looks like it's going to be between Aces and Vipers.

Also ending tonight is the North Stars ReDesign Playoff vote. Only ONE vote separates the two concepts! If you haven't voted yet be sure to do so before the night ends. Just click on the banner on the right!
Eric's KHL ReDesign Part VII Reviewed by Ryan on June 08, 2011 Rating: 5


spirit104 said...

Stephen's Blue Jackets concept for COTW.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan, that's not grey on my Lightning concept, it's silver. You know, like the one they have on their actual crest.


Ryan said...

@Stéphane: Fixed

Stephan said...

paul for cotw

cody said...

were are the new posts for june 9th?
Ryan told me he was going to post up my first concepts 2 day......
hopefully he does and soon!

Ryan said...

@Cody: No I didn't. There are roughly about 20 concepts to get posted before yours.

Glen Cuthbert said...

That Panthers logo was created Elliott Strauss, not GhettoFarmBoy.


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