Easy Like Sunday Concepts

Keep those Vipers logos coming in, you have a week from today to get them in. Be sure to read the rules by clicking on the banner on the right.

Voting for COTY-May also concludes tonight at 11:59pm EST. If you haven't voted yet be sure to do so on the left side of the page. Only 4 votes separate 1st place from last place!

Minnesota Wild concepts (by Sam)Sam says this is what he thinks the Wild will look like in 2013 but, he doesn't know why. I like the classic design, unfortunately the vintage white doesn't show up very well on the road jersey. Also, I think the socks should be white with the home jersey.

Concepts (by Cody)These are Cody's first contribution to HJC. Cody has since corrected his logo placing ways. I'm not getting the green on the Jets jersey. Also, the colours on the Islanders sweater are too 90's neon for me. I do like the lighthouse logo. All of these jerseys could benefit from some stripes or something instead of areas being filled in with solid colours.

New York Rangers concept (by Mike)This is a Winter Classic concept by Mike. I like the brown pants. I liked it when the Flames did it at the Heritage and I'd like to see another team do it. That vintage logo is so good, it has to be used!

Las Vegas Seguarros concepts (by Ricky)Ricky was hoping that his name for the Las Vegas team got chosen so he sent in concepts. Unfortunately for him, it did not but, I'll post the concept anyways! Cactus in the logo...I wonder how many of those we are going to see? I know I have plans to use one.

Las Vegas Vipers concept (by Kevin)Lucky for Kevin, the name he liked was chosen for our Las Vegas team. Unfortunately, clipart is not allowed for the logos. These are still cool jerseys for a Vegas team. I really like the numbering he has used here.

Winnipeg Falcons concepts (by Kyle S.)Kyle created his own logo for this Falcons team and you always got to appreciate that. He's used a great colour scheme also. When are we going to learn of the Winnipeg's team name already!?!?!?!

Team USA concept (by Kevin)Pretty straight forward jersey design. The key element is the stars above the logo which represent Team USA's Olympic hockey medals. Take your pick, any one of those silver stars can be for the 2010 Olympics.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by Scott)I love this set. Only two things I would change would be to remove the white shoulder from the blue jersey. Second, would be to make the pants red, like the way they had it before. Great jerseys either way though.
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Andrew said...

Scott's Jets concepts for COTW!

Scott Markiewicz said...

I like mike's rangers concept, but would like to see consistancy between the hem on the jersey and the socks. and the same with the two shades of green on sam's wild set

cody said...

its nopt green its supposed to be gold! to hounor the thrashers.

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