Draft Day Tomorrow

I can't remember looking forward to a Draft this much, and it's not even because of the players that will be drafted. I can't wait to see (possibly) some new sweaters released!

Philadelphia Flyers concept (by Kevin)Kevin says in Philly they sell merch that has mashed together the Phillies and the Flyers. Thus, he made a concept doing just that.

Calgary Flames concept (by Timmy)Timmy puts the Coyotes' 3rd jersey template to use as a Flames jersey. I think this could work better for the Flames, I would just reverse the yellow and the black.

Washington Capitals concept (by Timmy)Here Timmy uses the now defunct Sens 3rd jersey for the Caps. I love a blue jersey with a "weagle" on it but, the star at the bottom really brings this concept back a few steps. It makes it look like a "hokey" All Star Game jersey.

Anaheim Ducks concept (by John)John takes the Ducks 3rd jersey and makes it a road white. He adds an old version of the Duck mask logo. I think this has some potential but, I also think it needs to go a step further with shoulder logos and TV numbers.

Seeing this concept I was glad to see that the blank templates I made, using the NHLuniforms.com template, were getting used. I then went and checked them on Photobucket and saw how much the quality decreased on that site! If you would like ALL of the CLEAN templates, click THIS link. The link has also been updated on the TEMPLATES page. Speaking of which, if you haven't visited that page be sure to do so. It's a must as there are so many resources there!

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by WhiteLightning)White gives the Avalanche the old Flyers Edge jerseys. Personally, I just think this would be a lateral move for the Avs, not an improvement. In my opinion they are the team that needs a rebrand the most.

Colorado Avalanche concepts (by Brad)Brad tries to give the Avs a "colder" look with this set. Can anyone guess my favourite part? Of course, it's the grey 3rd! Even though it may look like dark blue, Brad has told me that it is actually Rockies purple.

Mexican League concepts (by Jose)Jose says he sent these to the Mexican league and now they will be using them for their upcoming season...

Florida Panthers concepts (by Ryan)Apparently what we are to expect from the Panthers, jersey wise, at the draft are some sort of return to the original jerseys. Or maybe jerseys inspired by the originals. Here, I tried to stick to the originals but, also tried to keep in mind changes that I think Reebok would try to make.

Manitoba Moose concepts (by David)David makes several alterations to the Moose jerseys including a new logo, new colour and new font. This looks good but, I don't think it is as strong as the current Moose identity. Maybe I'm alone on this, what does everyone think of the current Moose identity?

Nashville Predators concept (by Brian)After the logos were released yesterday Brian created this gold concept for the Preds. It is based on the design on their website,which has often been some sort of indicator in the past for other teams new sweaters.
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Tom V. said...

I love Brad's Avs concept, the colours work really well together. Only thing is, i think the logo is a tad big. it's got my COTW nomination though!

Ryan said...

I'll go ahead and 2nd that.

Glen Cuthbert said...

The Preds website isn't an indicator of the new jerseys, because they haven't even updated the logos on it yet.

michaelnedrow said...

Hey Ryan and everyone,

Just thought ya'll should know, here is the new predators jersey.

michaelnedrow said...


here's the link

Brad said...

Thanks Tom!! I like your mask.

Unknown said...

Anaheim Jersey COTW

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