COTY-May and Finally Some Concepts

It looks like Blogger is going to work again...for now. I really wish I had the time to learn HTML!

First order of business is to determine May's COTY. You can view the entries under the 2011 COTY tab. Voting is on the left side of the page and will run until Sunday, June 12 @ 11:59pm EST.

Voting also continues on the right side of the page to name our Las Vegas team. That voting concludes at 11:59pm EST tonight.

Also finishing tonight is voting for the Minnesota North Stars ReDesign. It's currently tied at the top with 15 hours to go! The concepts behind the leading ones are only a couple votes off the pace. If you haven't voted yet, be sure to do it now on the NORTH STARS COMP page!

COTW voting concluded on Thursday and here are the voting results.
Around that same time, voting to determine the city of our ReDesign team finished and here are those results.
I promised the concepts that didn't make it onto the Live Blog would get posted next in quick hit form, so...

Boston Bruins concept (by Jeremy)
Boston Bruins concept (by Spirit104)
Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Eric)
Boston Bruins concept (by Andrew)
Vancouver Canucks concept (by Brandon)
Boston Bruins concept (by Kevin)
Boston Bruins concept (by Brandon)
Dallas Stars concepts (by Fabio)I like this set, probably because it has more green then the current one. My least favourite is the one on the top. After that I really like the jersey in the middle! The one on the bottom looks like a nice job of creating a modern and updated 90's version.

New York Rangers concept (by Kyle)Florida Panthers concept (by Kyle)
Two here from Kyle. I posted them together because I've had these for nearly a month and they look quite similar. Good to see hem stripes on the Panthers concept but, I think they need to be thicker. Maybe more than just a big thick coloured stripes on the arms also.

Hartford Whalers concepts (by Kevin)This is what the Whalers jerseys would look like Edge'd. How bout that killer 3rd jersey that Kevin has added! I'd but that in an instant!

Florida Panthers concept (by Tex)The Panthers announced via Twitter, that on Monday they will have a "big team branding announcement". That leads us jersey geeks to think that we may see some new unis on Monday! Rumours point to a return of the original red sweaters!

Finally, yesterday I went to the Leafs semi-annual equipment sale. I made on of my best purchases every and got a game used jersey! I'll have pictures in the next couple of days. I'm also going to compare the on ice product versus the CRAP that they sell as replicas. Then we'll compare that info to why they don't want you to buy knockoffs.
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Brad said...

Eric's Green Van-City for COTY

Ryan said...

@Brad: You need to have a Google account to nominate/second concepts for COTW. Rules are on the COTW & COTY pages.

Tom said...

I'm glad to see Tex experimenting outside of his normal comfort zone. I mean no disrespect, I just mean he was putting out some similar jerseys for a good while there. It's good to see something different man. I love it

Connor Hanley said...

Fabio's stars concept for cotw. that is a beauty. i hope i'm not the only one who love the "bettman stripes"

Alan John Herbert said...

Fabio for the COTW!

Ricky Mazella said...

Ryan, you don't have to learn HTML, you can use a program called Dreamweaver MX 2004 (I'm sure there is an updated version). You can safely download this application by Macromedia through http://www.click-now.net/html/DreamwaverMX2004.htm where you can either download (30-day trial) or buy the full version ($199 USD). When using this, you can coder or designer, but since you don't know HTML, choose design mode. Any further questions about dreamweaver, I am here to help!

Kevin said...

hahaha, I love how Wildwood made it into the poll. That place would be awesome for hockey!

Anonymous said...

agreed with tom, great work tex! nice and different!

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