Blues, Assorted and of course, Winnipeg

It looks like the Winnipeg concepts are going to keep flowing in this summer, and that's okay with me. I'm going to try and start each post with a Winnipeg concept for the next little while, we'll see how it goes.

Winnipeg Jets concepts (by David)David creates a couple rounded logos using a clipart jet. I like that shoulder patch. It's a logo shape we really haven't seen used yet in the NHL. I wonder if the actual logo will go into as much detail on a jet?

Winnipeg Falcons concepts (by Cody)Cody used the WHA's Miami Screaming Eagles logo for this Winnipeg Falcons concept. He's also used black and red instead of the classic blue and red that Winnipeg fans are expecting. Check out the white pants on the alternate.

Edmonton Oilers concept (by Liam)We move a little west for this concept. This one is vintage inspired with a neat wordmark on the front. The orange font on white may be a little hard to see from far away. Maybe it could be helped with a small blue outline?

Cincinnati Stingers concepts (by Cody)This was the best looking team in the WHA, in my opinion. Cody has added grey to their colour palette for these jerseys.

New York Rangers concepts (by Roger)Roger used NHL 11 to create these 70's inspired Rangers concepts. Might we see the John Fergusson 1970's Rangers jersey at the 2012 Winter Classic? Remember when the Rangers wore it for the 2003 Vintage Jersey Program?

Florida Panthers concept (by Kyle M.)I like these colours together. Personally I'd add a little more gold. Maybe another hem stripe and an outline on the numbers?

Calgary Flames concept (by Scott)This one looks great and would be awesome as an alternate. It gives the Flames a black 3rd jersey again and doesn't have the current piping that people don't like. This is just a personal choice but, I'd use the horse logo as the main crest instead. I think that logo looks awesome on a black jersey!

St. Louis Blues concepts (by WhiteLightning)White has used Blues retro inspired striping but, has used the 3rd jersey logo as the main crest. The current home gets demoted to 3rd jersey status and has had its gold vertical piping removed.

St. Louis Blues concept (by WhiteLightning)Mr. Lightning also included a Winter Classic concept for the Blues. It's obviously based on the old St. Louis Eagles, who called the St. Louis Arena home before the Blues did.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Tex)Speaking of vintage jerseys here is a 1968-74 Blues white jersey Edge-ified. The only change that Tex has made is the order of the thin stripes on the shoulder yokes.

The Las Vegas Vipers jersey concepts look great so far! If you haven't sent yours in yet be sure to read the rules first (click the banner on the right), then send it on in. Concepts are being accepted until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST.
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Brad said...

I like the Stinger's concept, but for some reason, the black one looks like its smilin' at me....?

Kyle S. said...

Cody, if your reading this comment, why do you always use a 1940's style jersey for your concepts? Just wondering.

Tex said...

I actually really like the NHL 11 concepts.

cody said...

i find that a 40's jersey is easier to use than other templates. i have to use MS paint instead of paint.net. it makes things easier on me.

Tex said...

I actually used to use MS Paint up until a few months ago, it wasn't all that difficult on the style-guide template.

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