Keeping Everyone Up To Date

Hey all. I've noticed in the past month or so that HJC has some new visitors. The regulars are also coming back which is great too!

I just wanted to give out some info so everyone is on the same page.

1) I post EVERY concept that is sent to me...eventually. You would have to send a really offensive concept or a concept that has ZERO effort behind it for it not to be posted. Having said that, please don't send me an email or comment on the Facebook page asking where your concept is. It takes time to get through the rotation. Only email me if it's been more than 2 weeks since you sent it in. Of course because someone asked me this question it did open my eyes to the fact that my email was blocking Yahoo senders (that has been fixed).

2) Please leave comments at the bottom of the page. If you think a concept sucks, it's okay to say so in the comments. Just be sure to also leave some sort of constructive critiques so that we can all get better. I consider HJC to be like the AHL and ECHL of the jersey concept world. Hopefully we can all perfect our skills here so that we can get posted on Icethetics. Or post a killer concept on CCSLC and have members there not tear you a new one.

3) If you send in a concept that uses someone else's CONCEPT logo, please be sure to give credit to that person (regardless of who it is) on the image. We all know where the sports logos come from so you don't need to cite those.

4) When sending files it makes it easier for me when you send them in PNG, GIF, or JPG format. I'll accept all formats but, it just makes it way easier when you use those 3 formats.

5) If you're looking for all jersey resources take a look at the TEMPLATES page. There you will obviously find templates (10 different ones!) but, you'll also find each team's font that they use on the backs of their jerseys, a link to actually download the fonts onto your computer, and official team colours.

6) For anyone that just keeps checking in to HJC but thinks that they can't create their own concepts, or for anyone who just wants to see another way of doing things, check out the PAINT.net TUTORIAL page.

7) Finally, I just want to make sure everyone knows the rules for COTW & COTY. If not, check them out HERE.

That's all I have for right now. I just thought a little guidance for some might help. Keep sending in concepts!

Expect a regular concept post late tonight.
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Brad said...

I like that, AHL / ECHL referance. Maybe a Minor League Redesign??

Glen Cuthbert said...

Though Ryan said "PNG, GIF, or JPG format", for all you new concept artists out there, only use PNG.

JPG reduces the quality, and GIF may give you colour issues. PNG is definitely the best format to save concepts in.

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