Game 3 Canucks @ Sharks

San Jose wins it 4-3!

This was fun tonight. Thanks to everyone that sent in concepts and checked in throughout the game.

I think the next time we do this will be for Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Good night everyone


They got another one! This could get very interesting now.


There's one...they have 2:44 to get another


It's a new game IF Vancouver can get 2 goals on the 5 minute PP...that's a big IF.


Sharks score again, 4-1! The game is now their's. I don't have a Sharks concept so, I will post the last Canucks concept that I have.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Kyle S.)
Kyle did this one freehand but, I like the idea of a more distinctive C around the stick in rink.


Sharks fans trying to do their own version of the green men. It just comes off as immature and juvenile...probably unless you're a Sharks fan.


Canucks finally on the board! 3-1 Sharks 60 seconds into the 3rd

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Eric)
By request (from Eric) here is Eric's Canucks concept. The logo is a little too big but, the idea is replacing the whale with the stick-in-rink logo. Eric knows this but, his jersey stripes need to be cleaned up a little.


Just saw a different version of the commercial I wanted to see. Great series of commercials Boston Pizza!



- Will the Sharks be able to shut this one down in the 3rd or will we see the classic Sharks choke job?
- Niemi is making the saves when needed, and great saves at that.

Who do you want to win this series? Leave a comment at the bottom.

Got a question or comment about HJC...or anything? Email it to me or leave a comment on the Facebook page. I'll answer them here tonight.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Ryan)
I took the 40th anniversary jersey and made it 90's! I love that VC vintage style logo. I think it should be on one of their jerseys, or pants, or helmets...somewhere!


Desjardins shift may have just been the shortest in history. In the box...out of the box for 1.5 seconds...another penalty...HAHAHAHA!


Gotta score on this 5 on 3 Vancouver


San Jose's Andrew Dejardins might be the only player in the league to wear #69. I think it might be frowned upon by the league.


Still 3-0 Sharks and it looks like the Canucks don't have it tonight while San Jose has brought their A game.

San Jose Sharks concept (by Ryan)
I see all of the orange shirts in the crowd. It looks like the Sharks are trying to start an orange-out? A sea of orange? Either way, I made an orange jersey using that pretty cool shield logo that can be found on their pants. Is it too orange? Shoulder yokes? Let me know what you think it needs.


We need a Canucks concept almost as much as they need a goal!

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Michael)This is Michael's first HJC contribution. Obviously it needs some work but, I like the blue on green on the sleeves. I just wonder if you would be able to see it from the stands or on TV?

What a save by Luongo on the 2 on 0!!! Too bad the Canucks can't stay out of the box and can't kill a penalty this series!


2nd Period is underway. What am I really hoping for tonight? To see THIS Boston Pizza commercial tonight.


- the anthem singer brutalized BOTH anthems
- a lot of Canucks fans in the building...looks like they may be disappointed tonight
- Sharks may have finally caught their breath after a tough 7 game series with Detroit
- Erhoff may be hurt for VAN
- Luongo looks rattled

If you have a concept you want posted tonight, send it in now.

Also, sign in in the comments section if you want. I want to know how many people are joining this tonight.


Oh oh, Canucks are in BIG trouble. Marleau scores, 3-0!
Vancouver Canucks concept (by Andrew)Andrew gives us a different version on a mid 90's jersey. I like what he did with the collar.


San Jose has Kyle Wellwood, Jamal Mayers and Ian White. What is this, the 2007 Leafs?


Has Vancouver been dominated like this before in these playoffs?


Sharks strike again! Ryan Clowe, 2-0 San Jose...I love their goal song.
San Jose Sharks concept (by Eric)I posted the wrong version of Eric's Sharks concept. Here it is. I think I could still use some arm stripes and the hem stripes continuing around the back.

Regardless of the next goal, it will be a Canucks concept.


The first goal has been scored by San Jose ! To celebrate, we post a concept for them!
San Jose Sharks concept (by Eric)
This one is way too plain for me. Needs some Sharks blue somewhere.
Marleau on the PP, 1-0 San Jose! Sharks PP is 4 for 4 in the series.


The puck has dropped, the anthem singer brutalized O' Canada, and Game 3 between the Canucks and Sharks is underway. My early prediction is the Sharks squeeze out a 3-2 victory.

The COTW voting concluded last night. The winner is Tom, with his Vancouver Canucks concepts! Results can be seen below.
To see the winning concept got to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.

That starts the live blogging but, keep checking back as I will be updating this post many times tonight.

If you have a Sharks or Canucks concept, send it in and I will post it TONIGHT!

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BlueAndWhiteForever said...

Why haven't you posted my Canucks white alternate yet? (By the way this is Eric)

Ryan said...

Eric, there's still a 3rd period to go. Yes, I have your concept.

BlueAndWhiteForever said...

Yeah, I just get impatient sometimes. Sorry.

BlueAndWhiteForever said...

Oh and that Black/Yellow/Red concept with the stick-in-rink is amazing.

BlueAndWhiteForever said...

Wow. We got us a game here! Great concepts and a great game... what could be better?

Tex said...

Ryan, are you switching templates again???

Ryan said...

@Tex: No, I was on a different computer last night. That was the only template I had at the time.

Ray said...

I really like Kyle's concept, I think it should be nominated for concept of the week.

Phil said...

I think Kyle's Canucks logo should be Concept Of The Week.

Tex said...

@ Ray @ Phil

Gotta have a google account to nominate. Kyle logo was good though.

Tom said...

I must admit I'm a fan of kyle's concept, great work man.

Unknown said...

On the orange Sharks jersey by Ryan, I think that a teal or white yoke would have been good on that!

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