Eric's KHL ReDesign Part IV

LOKOMOTIV YAROSLAVL (by Eric)Named after the local industry, Lokomotiv has recently been a power player in the league, making it to the league final two years ago. However, after the departure of star Alexei Yashin, they haven't been as good. Their current jerseys are based on the old Edge Sabres template. Before that, there were stripes that went all the way down the arm and ended at the cuff. This comes back in my redesign, along with a bevy of stripes. The original logo is used on all three jerseys. The third is based on a jersey the team wore in the 90's. I figured that it was unique, and interesting. The NOBs are Pavol Demitra, Josef Vasicek, and Alexander Guskov.

METALLURG MAGNITOGORSK (by Eric)This team has always had spiky, avant-garde-like stripes, until recently when they switched to the Ottawa alternate edge template. "yawn" I figured I'd liven it up by putting more yellow into the colour scheme, and altering the arm stripes. The original logo is on all three jerseys. The third is another fauxback of a jersey from about 20 years ago. NOBs: Sergei Federov, Stanislav Chistov, and Enver Lisin.

DYNAMO MINSK (by Eric)They now use a double-blue colour scheme and a buffalo head logo, which can be seen an the alt. The lighter blue is gone, and green and red - Belarus' national colours - are in, along with a set of stripes running from front waist to back waist, over the shoulders. These stripes are substituted for more swoopy ones on the alt. The logo is an original, based on the team's original logo when they broke into the league a few years ago. NOBs: Geoff Platt, Jozef Stumpel, and Maxim Spiridonov.

St. Louis Blues concept (by Spirit104)
I think Spirit misses the mark on this one. I'm not really digging the neon green. Also, not digging the logo on the front. I do like the attempt though. I always appreciate concepts that attempt to create a logo.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Alan)
Interesting switch of the jerseys here under the arms. It kind of reminds me of the half and half jerseys that were popular in the 90's (half home, half road) I always enjoy the use of the logo in the arm band rather than on the shoulder when creating a Habs concept.

Vancouver Canucks concepts (by Tom)
Tom uses vintage striping for these Canucks concepts and continues it across the chest. Eventhough that design trend is starting to become over-used, I like it on these...but only with this striping pattern. I really like the 3rd jersey, which is surprising because I'm a huge traditionalist. I'm giving this a COTW nomination, anyone second it?
Eric's KHL ReDesign Part IV Reviewed by Ryan on May 11, 2011 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

love the canucks 3rd

Andrew said...

I second Ryan. Put that Canucks 3rd in the COTW !!!!!

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