Double the Post...Double the fun?

Sorry about yesterday, Blogger was not responding and I wasn't willing to wait around for it.

Yesterday was the last day to vote for COTW May 2-8. The winner is Tom with his Nashville Predators concepts. Results are below.You can find the winning concept on the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK page.

Also a reminder that today is the last day to vote for COTY-April. Only 3 votes separate 1st and 2nd so vote if you haven't yet or get your friends to vote for you!

The 2nd round of the Playoffs are now complete. Thankfully, Detroit and San Jose went to a 7th game or else that round would have been one of the least dramatic of all-time. That would've been a major letdown after the fantastic first round. The updated playoff board can be found on the PLAYOFFS 2011 page. While there you can find my round 3 picks and leave your own predictions. In the 2nd round I went 2/4 while getting NONE of the series lengths correct.

Washington Capitals concept (by Spirit104)Spirit uses an eagle logo for the main crest. The stripes are nice and simple. I think this concept could use some shoulder patches though. Also, it could use some TV numbers on the arms. I personally would like to see the stars spaced out more and to curve with the hem.

Winter Classic concept (by Brandon)Brandon has a new Winnipeg team facing off against the Wild in a fantasy Winter Classic. The Winnipeg logo is an interesting idea but, it just looks a little mashed right now. The Wild jersey is based on a Minnesota Miners jersey. Now I see where they got the inspiration for their 3rd jersey wordmark.

Vancouver Canucks concept (by Ryan)This isn't a new idea by any means but, I've taken then mid 90's jersey and gave it the current blue and green colours. I also recoloured the old logo. I thought it would look good but, it seems a little plain.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Spirit104)Spirit took the candy cane striping and toned it way down. It now appears thicker and only on the sleeves. I would put the current iconic CH logo as a shoulder patch here. A blue jersey with a leaf on the front...sounds like the Maple Leafs to me, haha.

Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Scott)Scott has re-instated the original Thrashers jersey. He's added a new "A" shoulder patch. He's also removed the arrows and stripes from the original hem and used a much more Edge friendly pattern.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Brian)Brian gives us a pretty cool Devils fauxback. He used the unused logo and adds vintage white. He's made the red darker and changed the green to a forest green. Nice work, it gets a COTW vote from me.

Finally, the Cleveland Barons ReDeisgn Competition is still taking submissions until Sunday @ 11:59pm EST. The concepts have been great so far, keep them coming. Click on the banner on the right side of the page for all of the details.
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cody said...

looks kinda like a Minnestoa Wild concept to me......

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