Concepts Before Game 7

Game 7...there's nothing better in the NHL. Who are you picking? The Bruins or the Lightning? I'm hoping for the Lightning for the sake of doing well in my pool but, my brain says Boston as I picked them to be in the Final at the beginning of the year. Either way, here are some concepts before you settle in for the dramatic series conclusion.

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Kyle)We'll start with the Bruins' opponents tonight and a concept for them by Kyle. This one is a miss for me. It seems like colours are just placed in certain places. It might be a little better if the yokes were blue.

Team USA concept (by Stephen)This one I can see having the same effect as the Caps' jerseys. It may look simple but, on the ice it works. Maybe a little less red and a little more blue on the white jersey though.

Dallas Stars concept (by WinnipegJets96)The circle behind the player's number is cool...on a soccer jersey. After that, I just see colours in random places again. Hem stripes would do this jersey wonders.

Oakland Seals concept (by Michael)If the Seals were still around I would hope that their green would not be as bright as this. I do like the classic design though. Could you imagine these glow in the dark jerseys skating around the ice before a game. You know, when they lower the lights and do a big introduction? It would look like a bunch of fireflies buzzing around.

Phoenix Coyotes concept (by Paul)Wouldn't it be a big slap in the face to Winnipeg if Phoenix wore blue and red? It would also be a little humourous too. I like the originality of the striping but, people might reject it just as most have with the Yotes current 3rd.

Atlanta Thrashers concept (by Kevin)These are pretty cool. I like how the white on the shoulders also goes halfway down the arm. It's a design not used before in the NHL and I like it. That surprises me, I'm usually pretty boring and enjoy classic designs.

New York Rangers concept (by Tex)Interesting concept here from Tex. He removes the blue yokes and adds a retro shoulder patch. He also uses retro colours and gets rid of the tie-up collar. Even though I really like that logo as a shoulder patch, I think I don't like the removal of the blue yokes.

Today is the last day to vote for COTW. Also, don't forget about the Live Blogging during Game 1 of the Final on Wednesday! If you got a Canucks concept or a concept for whoever their opponent will be send it in, it may get posted. Another cool idea is to come up with concept Stanley Cup Final logos!
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Tom V. said...

kevins thrashers concept for COTW. Great job, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm interested in seeing a 3rd though, how about it kevin?

Ryan said...

Seconded! As I said, I really like the design. And ya, lets see a 3rd!

Avi said...

thirded! if thats a word?

spirit104 said...


Kevin said...

thank you guys for the great remarks! i just sent in a third! not pretty but i tried!

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