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Sorry, I really feel like I've ripped you guys off this week with the lack of posts. I'm going to try and make up for it today with 8 new concepts!

Nashville Predators concepts (by Tom)Even though their time in the playoffs may come to an end tonight, they still can get some extra thoughts here with Tom's set. I'm a big fan of these sweaters, especially the design on the arm that contains the TV number. Also, I like the logo not being used as a shoulder patch but, rather just a logo on the arm.

Montreal Canadiens concept (by Scott)Scott uses a few different elements from past Habs sweaters to create this possible 3rd jersey. I like the idea of the "CA" logo being used on a 3rd jersey fauxback.

Team Canada concept (by Eric)A few days ago I posted Eric's 1st submission to HJC, his 2nd focuses on Team Canada. The World Championships are going on right now and just because North America cares very little about them doesn't mean we will ignore international concepts. Eric has trimmed Canada's jersey in gold (because of their constant success?). Eric says the gold only appears as two different shades because under the arms is mesh.

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (by Harry)I'm usually in favour of any Leaf concept with the '67 logo but, we just put the hem stripes back on our jerseys. I don't think we need to go through with taking them off.

Winter Classic concept (by Brandon)Brandon knows this is likely not to happen but, thinks it's a great idea if Minnesota were to play Dallas in the new year's day classic. He has both teams wearing designs based off of old Minnesota North Stars jerseys.

Quebec Bulldogs concepts (by Bryan)If another team were to go to Quebec, Bryan suggests that they should be called the Bulldogs. He's used modified Bruins jerseys here to create a pretty sharp looking Bulldogs set.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Scott)Scott has used a retro Detroit Cougars jersey that the Wings wore in 91-92 and made a few changes. This is intended as a third jersey so he's Edge'd it, and added the D logo from the Winter Classic. A subtle change is the addition of a red stripe along the hem.

Nashville Predators concept (by Tom)Remember Tom's Preds set from above? This is an accompanying 3rd jersey. It's slightly soccer inspired. It's not my favourite for a hockey jersey but, it's still well put together.
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Scott Markiewicz said...

love tom's Preds home and away concept,m but im not too thrilled with his third jersey. i like the arms, but the pinstriping going down the front of the jersey just dosent do it for me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry Ryan, I actually meant for the 3rd to be separate, that's why i didn't include it in the set. I knew it didn't belong and am currently working on the 3rd for the home/away set. I knew it was a little too flashy.
Thanks, Tom

Ryan said...

Oh, sorry Tom

Brian said...

Tom's Predators concept for COTW.

Stephan said...

tom for concept of the week

Ian said...

The Predators concepts are all awesome... finally someone who did something unseen with the odd but really cool number background on the sleeves. All of the other concepts seem to just be repeats that are slightly changed without any actual different elements than hockey jerseys now currently have.

Ryan said...

@ Ian, I understand what you're saying. From my point of view, I think that there are only a few elements that make a hockey sweater good. Hem stripes, arm stripes and shoulder yokes (in any combination)have worked for decades.

Ian said...

I understand, but a change in these elements is the only way that the evolution of jerseys continue. In order to continue that progress, people must try out different designs and you never know, one time you may like the new way and it opens another possibility.

Tom V. said...

Hey, I hear you both. I love the the classic nostalgic look of the yokes, hem and arm stripes. The classic look almost always looks good, and for good reason. I love it. On the other hand it's nice to push the boundaries sometimes, and have something well received. But in defense of the many others sending in concepts, I have to say I am by no means the first to do this. Thanks a million, glad you guys like it.

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