Biggest HJC Concept Post Ever!

This past weekend, being a long weekend should have been a plentiful weekend here on HJC. Unfortunately other circumstances got in the way and the blog suffered. However, if you're a fan on Tuesday's then you'll love today's post. It's the biggest HJC concept post ever. 15 concepts!!! No need to waste more time, here come the concepts!

New Jersey Devils concept (by Ian)Ian has taken the NJ out of the circle to use a crest. He's also used a unique striping pattern. We've never seen something like that before in the NHL. The closest would be the Buffaslug sweater maybe?

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Spirit104)I like the idea of a same coloured number with a thick outline. After that, it kind of looks like a practice jersey. I would like to see some shoulder patches, TV numbers and more distinct arm/hem stripes.

St Louis Blues concepts (by Kyle)We got a couple Blues jerseys here from Kyle. The only thing I'd like to see on the top one is the darker blue on the arms flanked by 2 yellow stripes. I like the attempt at a logo on the bottom one, I just don't know what the crown is for.

Team USA concept (by Tex)Tex combined the blue jersey from the Olympics and the 3rd jersey from the same games to create this very sharp Team USA concept. I love the use of the pattern on the back. I think that shield on the chest should be outlined in silver though...

Ottawa Senators concept (by Scott)Scott has done a great job fusing together the old Ottawa 67's home jersey (OHL) with the prevailing rumour of red and white stripes across the chest of the upcoming Sens 3rd jersey. He also uses the 20th Anniversary logo (concept by me...sorry, cheap plug) on the chest. Good work, and I think it would sell well also.

Manitoba Moose concept (by Kyle S.)Kyle gives us a hand drawn concept here of the Moose. I like the stripes here. I prefer a design like this to what they use now. I would remove the numbers on the front though and the outline on the shoulder yoke.

Anaheim Ducks concepts (by RiceMonkey)Monkey-man uses the shoulder patch on both concepts here. He also uses the alternate colours of 2004 for his first contributions to HJC. I like the one on the left, except for the crazy pants design. I'm not a fan of the one on the left as it just seems like nonsense Reebok striping.

Detroit Red Wings concept (by Paul)Paul makes an interesting choice by adding gold to a Wings vintage concept. I like the striping if it's referenced as a 1920's throwback jersey. Yet, I don't like it if it's a Wings jersey because of the yellow. Wings have worked as red and white forever but, I like the effort to break the mold.

Atlanta Thrashers conepts (by Marty)Cool argyle pattern there. Personally, I'd just make the sleeves on the white jersey blue. One note for artist to watch out for, be sure to continue your designs from the front to the backs of the jerseys. This jersey's yokes end on the back and I'm not sure that's the way it's supposed to be. I like these as jerseys though, especially for the nearly defunct Thrashers.

New Jersey Devils concept (by Andrew)Simple idea here by Andrew but, it looks good. He makes use of the logo the Devils did not use. He puts it on the current road jersey and it looks good. If this were an alternate I'd just make some very slight alterations to differentiate it from the roads.

Philadelphia Quakers concept (by WinnipegJets96)I'd say this one needs a little work. The hem stripes need to continue all the way around the jersey. In my opinion I don't think the font on the back matches the vintage script on the front.

Philadelphia Flyers concepts (by Michael)Michael gives us a couple of Flyers Winter Classic options here. The stripes look to be based on the Quakers. While the shoulder patch is the logo of the EHL's Philadelphia Ramblers (1960's). Decent job combining Philly's hockey history for the outdoor Classic.

Winter Classic concept (by Ryan)I've been guessing these two teams for the 2012 Winter Classic since January 2nd. Proof is on the JERSEY RUMOURS page. My guess has always been these two jerseys and I threw together a quick logo here. In this Classic, I'm really more interested in seeing what the Rangers wear.

New York Rangers concept (by Scott)Scott takes a stab at what the Rangers might wear for the Winter Classic (if they play in it). Vintage script along with vintage Rangers blue. I also like seeing the logo as a shoulder patch. Great work Scott, I'd be completely happy if the Rangers wore this and I think fans would buy it up in record numbers.

Manitoba Moose patch concept (by Scott)To finish this large post, Scott has started a Moose patch and is looking for feedback from HJC readers. I'll start by saying that I think the "Welcome Home 2011-2012" needs to have some character to it. The Moose wordmark is so lively that it makes the above font look dead. Any other thoughts?

COTW nominees have been posted under the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting is now on the right side of the page and runs until FRIDAY @ 11:59pm EST.

There it is, the biggest post in HJC history. My inbox really blew up this past weekend, which is fantastic! It also means that if you sent in a concept it may take a couple of weeks before I get to it. Don't worry though, my policy is that I post EVERYTHING that is sent to me.

Sorry, this is really the last thing. If you're a fan of EA Sports NHL video game franchise, they just released the first video for NHL 12. Take a look at it HERE. I'm a massive fan and have bought the game every year since NHL 94 on the Super Nintendo.
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Tex said...

NO MORE REFERENCES TO SILVER, every time somebody brings it up it makes my blood boil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt T said...

White winter flyers classic jersey is sick, like the silver accent lines on the black one above it too

Anonymous said...

The logo on that white Blues jersey is from the Finnish hockey league SM-liiga's Espoo Blues team.


Unknown said...

To the Detroit Red Wings concept with yellow, that was the secondary color of the Detroit Falcons before the became the Red Wings!

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