Takin' Care of Business

Got a lot of business to get to today.

I'll start with the Nashville Predators re-design. We had a tie! Brad and myself (Ryan) tied at 21.05% each. Thus, we will have a quick playoff poll that will run until Wednesday (11:59pm EST). Go to the NASHVILLE RE-DESIGN tab for images and voting.

In the weekly poll I asked who is the greatest player of all time? Obviously there's no correct answer here. This is more of an exercise to see what age groups read the blog. Most commonly fans of the 50's and 60's will choose Gordie Howe. I also put Maurice Richard for any biased Habs fans (hahaha!). Fans of the 70's most likely chose Orr. Fans of the 80's and 90's most likely chose Gretzky or Lemieux and younger fans of the current era will likely choose Crosby or Ovechkin. I might guess that most readers here are like myself and were big fans of Gretzky and the Oilers of the 80's as he was the most common choice in this poll with 22 of 61 votes (35%).

This weekly poll focuses on expansion/relocation. I'm asking what city you think is most deserving of the next NHL franchise. Do a small bit of research, as some might assume the answers will be Hamilton and Winnipeg, but both cities do have significant downsides to go with their upsides.This one will be interesting. Also feel free to leave a comment if you think I left out a city.

Finally, check out the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab to vote on last week's Concept of the Week. That poll will end on Thursday (11:59pm EST)

I might have some concepts to post later tonight. Stay tuned. The best way to find out when the site is updated is to follow HJC on Twitter!
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